What is Ninja Emblem?

To purchase a Ninja Emblem means to upgrade your account to premium for lifetime!
With a Ninja Emblem, you can unlock special areas, quests, powerful items and skills as the game progresses. To know more about the differences among Free, Trial Emblem and Emblem accounts, you can refer to the table below.

30-Day Lifetime
Game Features & Services Free Users Trial Emblem Users Emblem Users
Free Tokens(1) None 150+/month 300+/month
Free Secret Scroll of Wisdom(2)
Daily Instant Level Up (Up to Level 80)(3)
Daily XP Bonus on Battle for 30 times(4)
Characters slots 1 6(5) 6
Normal Talent Skill
Premium Talent Skill    (6)
Ninjutsu Elements 2 elements 3 elements(5) 3 elements
Ninjutsu Training Time 0 - 36 hours Instant Instant
Reset Attribute Points 300 Tokens Free Free
Character Customization 300 Tokens Free Free
Character Rename 1000 Tokens 600 Tokens 600 Tokens
Skills/Element Reset 1000 Tokens 200 Tokens 200 Tokens
Number of Daily Scratch Card(7) x x+3 x+3
Daily Free Lucky Spin 1 2 2
Daily Kari Badge for Hunting House(6) 5 10 10
Pet Villa Training Slot 400 Tokens Free(5) Free
Inventory Slots 40 80(5) 80
Unlimited Recruit/Challenge Friends
Create Live PvP Private Room
Premium Special Mission
Limited Edition Items    (5)
Customer Service Priority Standard First First
Ads Free
Terms and Conditions
(1) 10 tokens per day upon login for Emblem User (5 tokens for Trial Emblem User)
(2) Secret Scroll of Wisdom allows the user to learn level 1-80 skills of one element instantly.
(3) Only the purchase before 30/Jul/2015 06:00 a.m. is automatically benefited from "Daily Instant Level Up (Up to Level 80)" feature.
(4) Only the purchase after 30/Jul/2015 06:00 a.m. is automatically benefited from "Daily XP Bonus on Battle for 30 times" feature. After Level 80, you will get the Daily XP Bonus on Battle for 30 times(4)
(5) The account status will be restored to Free User upon the expiry of Trial Emblem, including the privileges, benefits and exclusive items. For example, the number of character slots would be returned from 6 to 1.
(6) The Talent Skills would not be affected except the Emblem User exclusive Talent Skills.
(7) Numbers may vary depending on seasonal updates.
(8) Kari Badges are spent when challenging the monsters in Hunting House.

Ninja Emblem

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