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What is Ninja Saga?

Users can challenge their friends with one-on-one real-time playing. They can practice their ninja skills with their friends before taking on enemies and monsters. The players can customize their ninja’s gender, hairstyle and color, as well as skin color. They can also earn Gold and Tokens which they can use to better equip themselves.

Who Can Play Ninja Saga:

People who are 13 years old or above can play the game.

This game has NO VIOLENCE in it.

Payment Questions:

We offer 2 types of account: free accounts & premium accounts.

Free users have access to various types of missions, free attribute points per level, Token-Gold Conversion and 100 free Saga Tokens upon registration.

Players can also upgrade your account to premium user for a one time fee. With a Ninja Emblem, you can gain access to premium clothing, special event missions and additional 2000 tokens upon subscription. For more details on Ninja Emblem/premium account, please visit here (add hyperlink to Ninja Emblem page).

Purchases of upgrades and in-game currency (Saga Tokens) are valuable to the players in developing their characters. However, please take note that we do not permit sale, exchange of characters, in-game currencies, items, etc at any time.

For Credit Card purchases, primary cardholder is held responsible for all purchases made using his/her credit card or PayPal account. Any purchase made using your credit card or PayPal Account will be assumed to be approved and authorized by you. The account holder is fully held responsible for all purchases made on his credit card and PayPal account from any minors. Thus, if your child makes a purchase using your PayPal account without your permission, you are still responsible for that purchase.

We do not collect or store personally identifiable information. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. To help us locate your transaction and resolve your question quickly please contact customer service at:

Educational Benefits:

Ninja Saga, as a multi-player game, is a great place for players to improve their personal skills. In the game, they can learn the importance of teamwork when they cooperate with friends to complete missions.

It always takes effort to be successful. Ninja Saga, where game character starts with goal-driven missions of an adolescent kid aspiring to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone as the Kage, players’ mentality can be enhanced.

The game also facilitates analytical thinking of players, especially when they estimate which missions to complete, which skills to learn and buy to maximize the characters’ abilities, and calculate how much Gold or Tokens they have earned.

Combines excitement and thrill, fascinating story-based missions to complete, no installations which means there would be no virus threat, Ninja Saga is suitable for players of all ages.

*The written materials in Ninja Saga contain no foul language.

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