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Ninja Saga Bug Exploitation and Client/Server Manipulation Policy

Ninja Saga was created for a more playful environment for casual gamers. Any activity found to violate the game design and which can negatively impact players, economy, or the world itself may lessen and affect the enjoyment of players. These effects can be experienced from a bloated economy, server instability, and allowing unauthorized access to accounts, computers, and player data. If Ninja Saga finds any of the following issues to be present, Ninja Saga has the right to take on swift and appropriate actions on all players involved in playing the online game. Please take note of the important guidelines written below explaining the penalties involved if Ninja Saga discover and prove any of these malicious activities are valid. We investigate each and every malicious, and can take action more than what is indicated here.

Bug Exploitation

Ninja Saga has a team of game designers and programmers who periodically fixes bugs and inconsistencies in Ninja Saga. Nevertheless, some bugs can never be resolved in a complex gaming system played by thousands of players. As a result, some bugs can be observed during your gameplay experience. Some of these bugs are minor ones and would not really affect your gameplay experience. However, these bugs can sometimes be used as an unfair advantage to some players. Penalty is exercised based on the ff. factors:

  • Bug Exploitation is performed maliciously, repeatedly, and intentionally
  • Bug Exploitation cause damage to another player, character, gameplay, and the economy
  • Whether or not there was an attempt in concealing the exploitation

The following sanctions are given to players who were proved to have the violations:

  • If the act is unintentional, only a verbal warning is given
  • Suspension from the game
  • Account termination in extreme cases

To define extreme cases with regards to bug exploitation:

  • Exploitation that has sever impact on the economy, or individual
  • Destruction and disruption of service, with the intention of crashing a server/gameplay

Abuse of Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics may mean the "act of taking advantage of the limitations of game systems" of Ninja Saga. It is different from bug exploitation in such a way that it is the abuse of a programming mistake. Distributing game mechanics in such a way that it damages another character, their gameplay, the service and its economy would face the ff. sanctions:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Temporary suspension from the game - due to subsequent offenses

Unapproved Third Party Software

Some third party software that is not used for the gameplay experience of Ninja Saga can be used to gain unfair advantage of winning and increasing points in the game. This may also include programs of some sort which is used to obtain information from the game that is not usually available to the player enabling him to modify game files. Using such result in game crashes, and transmission of viruses and spyware into the player's computer and can even acquire personal information such as accounts or passwords. If a player is found to execute these third part softwares/programs, the player will be:

  • Temporarily suspended from the game
  • Account closure due to the extent of modification

Data Stream Manipulation and Data Mining

Data is streamed between Ninja Saga and the player's computer during game play to update/modify game information received at any particular time. Manipulation of streamed data in ways of altering either the incoming or outgoing information , and even as minor as the manipulation of one byte of a packet, or the "sniffing" of packets for any reason is forbidden. Data mining is extraction of non-public information. Player involving in such activity may:

  • Be temporarily suspended from the game
  • Have account closure, based on the intent of the data manipulation

Improper Use of PvP chatroom

Live PvP chatroom is for the communication and interaction of players. Abusing the chatroom such as spamming, use of foul language or foreign language (non-English) is not allowed. Our system logged all messages and hence player who is found involving in such abusive acts in the chatroom may:

  • Be temporarily suspended from the game

Improper Use of Bug Report System

The bug report system is for the betterment and improvement of Ninja Saga. We welcome constructive feedback but abusing the system is strictly prohibited. Player who has spammed, used foul language or foreign language (non-English) in the bug reports may:

  • Be temporarily suspended from the game


  • Violation of any area of the Terms & Conditions, including the areas detailed above, will result in temporary suspension from the game.
  • A violation of any of these categories could potentially overlap with another. In situations where this is the case, we will use the most severe infraction and take action appropriate to that category.

It is important to know that we want Ninja Saga to be a fun and safe environment for everyone. Abusing and exploiting the game results in imbalance and it also affects players who do not exploit the game. We ask support from you, the players, to make Ninja Sage a safe and enjoyable online game for everyone.

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