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Are you happy with this new Clan System?

Yes, I am happy with the new Clan System!
No, I am happy with the old Clan System!
No, I am not happy with old and new Clan System! Different Clan System is necessary!
Total votes : 466

Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby Guna » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:12 pm

colmillonegro wrote:Danny, I think you should re-made the votation for two reasons:

  1. The forum is almost dead, so there aren't enough players here to make a accurate votation. I think you should ask devs to made it in the official fanpage.

  2. The ones that voted "no" could be 2 kind of players: Players who like the old clan system, and players who don't like the old AND the new clan system and want a new and different Clan System. So you should change the responses to something like "I like the new one", "I like the old one" and "I don't like neither, I want another new system".

Btw, I think that people is mad because actualy there's no big difference between 1st place from the other clans since everyone will get the prices excepting the clothes. So some weeks ago I sent Devs a suggestion about how could be the rewards system to improve the CW and make everyone happy:


well i think like that too,, is good because the champion must get something special OR you can just give champion super jutsu and reputation reward tier 2 super jutsu or something like that
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby dannytranvan » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:23 pm

New Clan System was okay for me if 1000 clan players win the Jutsu. But once I saw that 8239 clan players are winning "clan" jutsu, New Clan System becoming out of control. Soon more clan players will increase to win jutsu easily in the coming seasons, because of this x2 rep bonus and all of these other rep bonus they give to clans.

It is very sad to see how these "clan" jutsu once used to be rare. Now it is becoming more of an event jutsu that could be claimed in events such as Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

I tried to make report about some adjustment to New Clan System so that clan players would also fight for ranks (top 10) instead of stop playing for the season since they reached 2 million reputations for jutsu. I also tried to make it more challenging to get the jutsu.

Result: I received disrespect and threat messages from players. They don't care about it. They accuse me by saying "selfish" or "not appreciating." (Majority of these came from Facebook)

My Response: This have nothing to do with me, but for the overall players. Not only the clan players that like New Clan System, but for Old Clan System players to be happy with adjustment made to New Clan System. Seriously.
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby account » Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:15 am

You shouldn't be surprised about that.The NS' playerbase has always sucked, that's a fact. Too many kids who feel brave behind the screen and insult at random.

Anyway, i agree, 35-40 clans getting jutsu is too much.
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby alwongfeihung » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:09 pm

Iam very happy with new clan sytem now... after 3 years just big clan have jutsu,,,and now,,,,all player have chance get jutsu ,,,long life ninja saga ^o^ i dont like your idea danny tran
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby Gentaro » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:29 pm

Yes, I am happy with the new Clan System! :P
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby Wendi1999 » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:46 pm

dannytranvan wrote:Are you happy with this new Clan System? It will be appreciated if you can vote. I'm curious to see how many are happy or not happy about this new Clan System.

I received many complaints about this new Clan System. So, is it making you happy or not?


A= Players
B= Different Players

Old Clan System
A is happy with it, but B is not happy with it.

New Clan System
B is happy with it, but A is not happy with it.

As a moderator of Ninja Saga, it is our responsibility to make sure that majority of the players are happy with the game. If Old Clan System, makes A happy, but not B, then that is not good. If New Clan System make B happy, but not A, then that is not good also. What if there are changes made to the New Clan System to where both A and B players are happy with it?

Please do post your opinions/thoughts about the New Clan System. Whether if you like it or not. I'm curious to read your thoughts about this.
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby ken386b » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:55 pm

As one of the OLD players in NS, This forum is dead ever since Black Fang left.
The New system is very good (pro active for many players) I should say but it loses the rarity and the essence of CW. The only way to give a win- win situation for those who like and dislike it is to have rep reduction once the clan is being drained. each 10 reputation gained by an attacker clan means 10 reputation reduction in the defensive clan. And please Abandon the stamina scrolls reward since it will be abused by dummy clans draining top clans in FD.
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby drluchito » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:56 pm

I really hate this new clan war system.

1. Clan Shop motivates all users to do more rep!.
2. People with no tokens can win rewards easily If their clans do rep regularly!.
3. The hegemony of JG ended in the way all of the clans can reach JUTSU!.

1. Many users win Jutsu
2. The FD is not as axciting as before, as there is much less motivation!.
3. People do not need to buy tokens as much as before, perhaps thats not good to the game which need income to keep alive!.
4. Jutsu, clothes and weapons are not as good as before as they are not exclusive like BEFORE!!.

I think the OLD CLAN SYSTEM WAS WAY BETTER. I dont like the fact that only JGs can win Jutsu, but I think there are some changes to made mixing probably as I read before prizes for position and prizes for rep. Obviously the first condition must be guarantee of the best rewards. :D
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby jp mendoza » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:57 pm

one hundred twenty two
jp mendoza
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Re: New Clan System Voting.

Postby jp mendoza » Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:14 pm

sorry for that error on my first post reply, i'm new to this forum account thing..but i'm not new to ns. first of all there's no problem on rep rewards on cw daily 10k. i'm happy with the new cw system you have, if i may suggest something in terms of the clan shop earned prestige points, i hope, like the daily 10k rep bonus daily, you will have similar bonus system in terms of the prestige that clan members like me can gather enough prestige points and afford to buy items form the clan shop...because in reality only the clan master of a ranking clan most likely have enough prestige points can buy items at the clan shop. another thing, since clan shop mentioned if i may also suggest that you also include one or two rare jutsus and pets added at the shop. and lastly i hope that senjutsu training or skills may be unlocked soon.
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