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The Complete Guide to Pure Builds - Raising & Defeating Them

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:47 am
by Runehawk
This guide was created to assist players in developing Pure Build Ninja to their full potential, as well as providing ideal equipments and skills to defeat them in battle.

Table Of Contents

Post #1: Introduction, General Tips, Featured Links, and How To Read This Guide. (You are here)
Post #2: Pure Wind Users
Post #3: Pure Fire Users
Post #4: Pure Thunder Users
Post #5: Pure Earth Users
Post #6: Pure Water Users
Post #7: Reserved
Post #8: Reserved
Post #9: Credits and Conclusion


What is a Pure Build? In the world of Ninja Saga, a Pure Build character is a ninja who invests all his/her attribute points into one element. For example, a Lvl60 ninja could have 60 attribute points into Fire, making that character a Pure Fire User.

Why be a Pure Build? Having a Pure Build maximizes the potential of a single element, thereby mastering that element. You become extremely accomplished in that one attribute, however you do not specialize in as wide a variety of skills as Mixed Builds. Personally, I switch between Pure Thunder for doing Missions and for easier World Bosses, and to Pure Wind when fighting in PVP, fighting harder World Bosses, and in the Exams.

My Personal Outlook on Pure Builds: I find Pure Builds the best way to go in the world of Ninja Saga. All 6 of my characters are Pure Builds of one element or another, occasionally reallocating stat points into a different Pure Build for different purposes. Many people look down upon Pure Builds because they think they may only train skills of one element, but that's not the case. For a Pure Wind can choose to train for example, Fire Power of he/he so chooses. Pure Builds are just as versatile as Mixed Builds, just focusing all their power into a sole element. This does not mean Pure Builds are better than Mixed Builds; they're just another way to go about the life as a ninja. There is no perfect build.


General Tips

:idea: Pure Thunder and Pure Wind ninja are not as good as other Pure Builds when at low levels. This is because when you invest an attribute point into Thunder or Wind, either critical CHANCE or dodge CHANCE goes up. This chance isn't very high at all at the Genin level. It's not that it's worthless, it just really doesn't make too much of a difference at earlier levels. HOWEVER, once the Jounin level is attained, Pure Thunders and Pure Winds start to blossom. At Level 40, a Pure Winds dodge chance is 21%, meaning theoretically, for every five attacks dealt to the ninja, he/she will completely avoid one altogether. Also theoretically, Thunder users will critical 1/5 attacks at Level 40.

:idea: When raising a Pure Build, you are focusing on one element. But you still have a second (or perhaps third) element at your disposal to use. I highly recommend you choose Water as your secondary element, solely for its healing capabilities. Even without points into Water, Refresh skills can still provide more than adequate HP recovery.

**If you are a Pure Water, good for you. Choose any secondary element you wish, based on your battle style, and what skills in particular will match it.

:idea: More coming soon. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to post them here.

Featured Links

:arrow: Visit here if your wanting to know more information on Ninja Saga's Skills, and to help decide on your choice of Jutsu:


:arrow: Visit here if there are any status effects you see in this guide that are unknown to you, or if you want to find out more information on a certain effect:



How To Read This Guide

Following this note, there will be five separate posts, each one focusing on one respective element. The primary strengths and key weaknesses will be shown respectively after the heading. Then the post will be sectioned into two parts, “Raising a Pure ___”, and then “Fighting a Pure ___”. Under each section will display subheadings, recommending ideal weapons, pets, Jutsu, etc , depending on whether you’re trying to raise or defeat a particular Pure Build. Enjoy. ~^^~

Pure Wind Users

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:48 am
by Runehawk
Pure Wind Users

Primary Strengths: Extremely high dodge rate & above average agility.

Weaknesses: Wind Jutsu is the weakest Ninjutsu (damage wise) in the world of Ninja Saga. Wind users also have a rather predictable battle style.

Raising a Pure Wind

Spoiler: show
Weapon: Definitely Wind Walker. If you can’t afford it/you're too a low level, get Nidan Shadow Tooth for now.

Back Item: Straw Hat. Equip anything you can find that increases dodge rate. A Pure Wind’s biggest advantage is their above average dodge rate, so make the most of it.

Pet: An offensive pet would be best, for as I mentioned earlier, Wind Jutsu deals the weakest damage in the game, so you’ll need all the extra power you can get. Easa is a good pet for Premium Users, for its multiple Bleeding skills boost the attack power of your low-damage Wind Jutsu.


Evasion is a MUST. I can't stress this enough. A Wind User without Evasion is like a Water User without Refresh. Wind Peace might be a good idea too. Get it if you’ve got Tokens to spare. Blade of Wind is a waste of a turn in PvP, but it helps quite a bit when you have a whole party fighting one particularly strong enemy (World Bosses anyone?). As for Dance of Fujin, I have come to a conclusion with the knowledge of other respective Pure Wind Nins, and DoF is definitely a mandatory part of a Pure Wind's arsenal. Pure Wind's primarily rely on their constant Evasion and stun-lock abilities. Having those kinds of skills ready before their regular cooldown can save your life. Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough is totally useless. Do not train it. Fujin Vacuum Storm is a good substitute for any other Wind damage-jutsu, but it's not a must. In fact, compared to other Wind skills, it's not very high on the priority list at all.

Extreme Talent: Train Dark Eye for its passive increase in dodge chance. If you really don’t think you need extra dodge chance, train Eight Extremities for its Passive increase in agility. Eight Extremities also provides high-damage skills, which make up for a Pure Wind's weak Ninjutsu. Whichever you need most.

Secret Talent: Demon Sound is pretty good, since it can boost the damage of Wind Style Jutsu. If you chose Eight Extremities as your Extreme Talent, get HIdden Silhouette to make up for Eight Extremities' lack of immobilizing skills.

In The Battlefield: Use your ability to go first to your advantage. Either cast Evasion, or immobilize your enemy. Try to always make sure at least one of these scenarios is happening. NOT both at the same time, or else your Evasion will be a waste if your opponent can’t do anything anyway. Remember your attacks won’t do a lot of damage, so you may have to land quite a few blows before the battle is done. Before you attack though, once again make sure you’re under Evasion, or at the very least, Wind Peace. Also, take the time to attack when your enemy is immobilized. That could be your only chance.

Fighting a Pure Wind

Spoiler: show
Weapons (ranked from worst to best): Aoan, Nindan Shadow Tooth, Gekko Blade, Blue Scorpion.

Back Item: Nothing in particular for Free Users, but Premium Users should equip the Angel Wings if obtained.

Pet: Adopt Chiko the Bird, for its Inertia skill, which reduces a foe’s dodge rate.

Jutsu: The Jutsu you want are the ones that either raise your accuracy, or lower your opponents. Such Jutsu include: Flash Lightning Bundle, Armor of Narukami, Dark Curse Ceremony.

Extreme Talent: That would be Deadly Performance, for its Samurai: One Sword reduces dodge rate considerably.

Secret Talent: Hidden Silhouette, for its passive skill has a chance to reduce a foe's dodge rate. If you’re not a Premium User, there’s nothing in particular that’s anti-Wind yet.

In The Battlefield: Unless you’re a Pure Wind yourself, your opponent will always go first. They will either try to stun-lock you, or most likely cast Evasion. Obviously, don’t attack when they’re under Evasion, unless it’s absolutely necessary. As soon as you find your opponent has no dodge buff cast upon them, go for an immobilizing attack. This will be your best (and possibly, last) chance to hit your target, so make it count. Replenish your HP in this time, keep him/her under stuns, and then dish out your offensive Jutsu.

Pure Fire Users

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:48 am
by Runehawk
Pure Fire Users

Primary Strength: Large amounts of damage.

Weakness: No immobilizing skills & high chakra consumption.

Raising a Pure Fire

Spoiler: show
Weapons: The best one would probably be Angry Tiger Sword. Other notable weapons include Ichi No Katana, Ginkotsu Military Saw, Mountain Haze, and Tenji.

Back Item: Defensive/Supporting Back Items are good here. Examples include: Mini Evil Wings, Dark Evil Sickle, and Thanksgiving Balloons.

Pet: No need for an offensive pet; aim for one that immobilizes your foe somehow. Pure Fire users don’t have a lot of immobilizing skills, so have your pet make up for that flaw. Examples include: Keiko, Inokuchi, and Suzu.

Jutsu: No Pure Fire user could be complete without Fire Power. Next, go for Rage of Yama. Fire Energy Excitation is not a priority, but still can be very useful in a pinch when you are running low on chakra. I’d get it only of you have Tokens to spare. Hellfire is completely useless in PvP. Not only does its Burn have virtually no effect on an opposing ninja, but when your opponent is burned, he/she cannot be put under Sleep, and can mess up your battle style and cost you your life. Don't get me wrong though, it's one of the best skills to use against World Bosses. Fire Phoenix Breath can help you in PvP against Wind users, but not much anywhere else. However, if combined with Yama Great Fire Cannon, you can deal considerable damage on World Bosses because of the 8% HP drain effect. YGFC works well by itself as well, and I recommend you train that before you train FPB.

Extreme Talent: Nothing really in particular yet.

Secret Talent: I recommend you train Explosive Lava. Its passive skill boosts Fire/Earth Jutsu, and its Lava Shield skill makes an attacking opponent more susceptible to Fire/Earth Jutsu.

In The Battlefield: Use your high attack power to your advantage. You only need to land two or three hits (Assuming your opponent is not a Pure Earth user) to finish off your target. Don’t just start off the battle with an attack though, and don’t start with Fire Power as well; for your opponent will simply immobilize you. Pure Fire Users lack many immobilizing skills, so make the ones you do have count by starting off with one, then casting Fire Power and following up with your offensive Jutsu. Watch your chakra levels though; use Fire Energy Excitation as a last stand, for the recoil effect is pretty bad, and you want to spend as little time as possible enduring that recoil by finishing off your opponent before it takes place. Use RoY when your opponent is running low on health. That way, if he/she attacks you, they’ll have a risk of dying themselves; a risk they’re most likely not to take.

Fighting a Pure Fire

Spoiler: show
Weapons: Whatever suits your battle style best.

Back Item: Nothing worth mentioning; equip whatever you have.

Pet: Any pet that immobilizes your target works best. It's always nice to have that extra stun slapped on your enemy; giving you time to recover and land a few attacks of your own.

Jutsu: Equip yourself with as many immobilizing skills as you can get. Pure Fire Users dish out a lot of damage, so you’ll need as many stuns on them as possible. That way you can have time to recover from your wounds as well as deal your own attacks.

Extreme Talent: Deadly Performance is pretty good, for it can convert damage taken into HP (Fire Users deal a lot of damage, so this is helpful), reduce damage taken, rebound damage, as well as completely immobilize the target(s) for a few turns, and as I've said before, you'll need as many immobilizing skills as you can get when fighting a Pure Fire User.

Secret Talent: As of now, Hidden Silhouette or Enraged Forest are best against Pure Fire users, solely for their immobilizing skills.

In The Battlefield: A Pure Fire User has very high attack strength; but that can easily be exploited. Immobilize your target whenever you can; remember all that power means nothing if your opponent can’t hit you. They tend not to have that many immobilizing skills, but they still have some; so always keep your HP high. They can easily take you out in two or three hits. When they are stunned, take that time to recover your HP, and then land in a few blows of your own. Make sure you recover HP before you attack; for a Fire User’s next move against you can be fatal. Just don’t take risks, and only attack when it’s safe to do so. (Geez, I sound like a crossing guard… <__<)

Pure Thunder Users

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:49 am
by Runehawk
Pure Thunder Users

Primary Strengths: Large amounts of damage & Very high critical chance

Weakness: Very high chakra consumption & Thunder skills have the longest cooldown time in Ninja Saga

Raising a Pure Thunder

Spoiler: show
Weapon: Angry Tiger Sword > Wheel Monk > Senden. Soryu is also very helpful if you're a Premium user, as it grants additional CP if your CP is under 50%. Thunder Jutsu consume a great deal of CP, making Soryu ideal.

Back Item: The Dark Blade is definitely the back item for Pure Thunder user (Can be obtained from Invite Friend Campaign). The Rose Bouquet also works well in making the most out of your charges.

Pet: You don't need an offensive pet, considering Thunder Users can deal the greatest amounts of damage in the game already. Something supportive would work best. Also, pet's that can drain a foe's chakra are excellent, for Thunder Style Ninjutsu expend a great deal of it.

Jutsu: You absolutely have to have Lighting Flash. Lighting Charge is key as well, make sure to train it. Flash Lighting Bundle is extremely good against Wind Users, and deals decent damage with low chakra consumption, but it's not a priority. Armor of Narukami is at first, a rip-off, but then proves to be a valuable asset later on. At higher levels, a Pure Thunder's critical chance is already high enough, 15% is all that's really needed, and you receive a 15% attack and accuracy boost as well. But only get it if your a Pure Thunder User, it's useless for any other build. Ultimate Lightning Boost is relatively useless. Two extra stuns really aren't necessary when you have your recruits, as well as all your other skills. It's a lot better if it's paired up with Narukami Great Lightning Bullet, but both skills are not a priority, and should only be obtained after other skills like Lightning Flash and Lightning Charge are trained.

Extreme Talent: Train Dark Eye for its critical chance and critical damage increase. If your a Premium User and looking to get Eye of Mirror, I would think twice. EoM's skills expend a large amount of chakra, and Thunder Jutsu eat up enough chakra as it is. You'll be all out in just a few turns. If you do own EoM though, it is recommended you don't max out Mirror of Grace, a three turn weaken is good enough.

Secret Talent: Demon Sound is your best shot right now, seeing as it can boost the damage of Thunder Style Jutsu. I'd get that, and then wait until all the Secret Talents are released before choosing your second one.

In The Battlefield: Take advantage of your high attack power & critical chance. Sometimes, all you need is one attack to turn the tables. Just beware of the amount of chakra you consume, and be ready to adapt if you can't use your most devastating skills. Never start a battle with Lighting Charge; your opponent will simply immobilize you, and by the time your free, your buff will be worn out. If your going to use it, do so when your opponent is immobilized, then with your most powerful technique.

Fighting a Pure Thunder

Spoiler: show
Weapon: Nothing in particular; whatever suits your build.

Back Item: The Mini Evil Wings is your best bet here. You need all the defense you can get against such a high powered opponent. Equip the Thanksgiving Balloons or Roasted Turkey if you are a Pure Earth ninja.

Pet: Raita would be the pet to use, if you have it. If not, don't worry, pets like Kitsuke, Yamaru, Keiko, and Suzu work well.

Jutsu: Falling Leaf Illusion is particularly helpful for getting rid of Lighting Charge. HP recovery skils are vital, as you'll need them to patch yourself up after taking the deadly blows from a Pure Thunder User.

Extreme Talent: Preferably Eight Extremities if you can obtain it. Eight Extremities can take away 50% of your opponents CP in one blow, and can double chakra consumption for three turns, adding to the burden of a Thunder User's high-chakra consumption weakness.

Secret Talent: Nothing too major yet; but Hidden Silhouette and all its immobilizing skills can buy you some valuable time to recover from wounds, or to launch an attack of your own. You can also get the less adequate version, Enraged Forest, for its stunning skill.

In The Battlefield: Problem: If you even get hit once, it can be fatal. Solution: Don't get hit. Immobilize the target whenever possible, especially if they have has activated Lighting Charge. Your opponents skills will eat up a lot of chakra, so remember that he/she can't keep up his attacks forever. When they begin to charge, you know they're are out of chakra, so make your move and finish them there and then.

COMBO 1 Rage of Yama + Mirror of Freedom (passive) = If your opponent stupidly lands a 1 hit critical, he will die from RoY's recoil effect, and you will revive. Submitted by MDuh

Pure Earth Users

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:49 am
by Runehawk
Pure Earth Users

Primary Strengths: Very high HP & Good balance between attack strength and chakra consumption

Weakness: Most heavily affected by % damaging skills (i.e. Hellfire), and Taijutsu brings a
much greater burden upon Earth Users.

Raising a Pure Earth

Spoiler: show
Weapons: Weapons that grant the user with HP as a percentage have the greatest effect on Earth Users. The Smelly Banana :lol: is the best in this case. Even better might be the Dark Gedo Shuriken, which provides CP when damaged; Pure Earth Users being able to sustain high amounts of damage. Other good weapons include Crazy Wolf, Great Tengu Spear, Great Tengu Umbrella, and Golem Guard.

Back Item: If you truly want to be a tanker, equip yourself with the Mini Evil Wings for increased damage reduction. Out of all the builds, Pure Earth is assisted the best by the Thanksgiving Balloons. The Roasted Turkey also works with Pure Earth builds.

Pet: Earth can work well with any pet. Go for whatever you have.

Jutsu: Golem Protection isn’t top priority; train it if you have Tokens to spare. Earth Absorption will prove to be a valuable asset in your arsenal, especially against Examination opponents and World Bosses. Hidden Among Rocks is useful if you have other attack boosting buffs to support it, and if you do, you may find yourself one-hitting opponents a lot more. Embrace of Golem is very helpful with its Purify effect, making you resistant to all negative status effects for three turns, including stuns. Golem Rock Gauntlets can be useful in exams & PvP, but in missions and World Bosses, the defence boost of this skill can go to waste if your opponent attacks your recruit/s. An example is you activate this level 50 skill, yet the opponent attacked your recruit/s. Then you use an earth skill for 100% damage reduction, yet your opponent still attacked your recruit/s. Golem Great Smash can be helpful in exams and World Bosses like the Battle Turtle and Soul General Mutoh (because of their respective high purify rates); only get it if you have Tokens to spare, and you've already gotten the Level 50 skill.

**Tip: As a Pure Earth User, I recommend you don't use a lot of Taijutsu. Recoil can be damage escalating in the hundreds, and will be greater when you allocate more points into Earth.

Extreme Talent: Eye of Mirror compliments Pure Earth Users in the way that Mirror of Freedom’s HP regain is significantly higher for them. However, Deadly Performance may be even better, with skills like Wondrous Doors further adding to an Earth User's high HP pool, Soul of Onmyyouji adding damage reduction and stun resistance, and oul of Samurai which further stacks an Earth User's return damage. Deadly Performance is perfect for an all-out Pure Earth User.

Secret Talent: Currently, I’d recommend Enraged Forest or Explosive Lava. Enraged Forest’s passive skill can recover a user’s HP and CP by a certain percentage whenever one attacks with an Earth/Water Jutsu. The more HP you have, the higher the HP recovery. Explosive Lava passively boosts the damage of Fire/Earth Style Jutsu, as well as having a skill that causing attackers to be more susceptible to Fire/Earth Style Jutsu.

Then again, if your a Premium User, Hidden Silhouette is not a bad idea as well. Making use of Embrace of Golem's Purify effect can put HS's Strangle to good use. (See Combo #1)

In The Battlefield: Your biggest advantage is your large health pool. The fact the you can withstand blow after blow means less turns wasted on healing, and more turns taking down your opponent. Immobilize your target first, take the time to deal some damage (but save your best attack), and then use Hidden Among Rocks and finish your opponent with your most powerful skill. If your out of immobilizing skills, cast Embrace of Golem so you cannot be stunned, or at the very least, Golem Protection.

COMBO 1: Embrace of Golem + Hidden Silhouette: Strangle = Your opponent will receive a three turn stun, while you counter the recoil stun on yourself with EoG's Purify. Submitted by Argetlahm

COMBO 2: Rage of Yama + Onmyyouji: Wondrous Doors = An upgraded version of Serene Mind with return damage up to 150% of damage taken as well as a 20% damage increase for yourself. Submitted by Argetlahm

Fighting a Pure Earth

Spoiler: show
Weapon: You’re probably not going to attack a Pure Earth User with your weapon anyway, so get a weapon that boosts your characters stats passively, without having to attack. Examples include Golem Guard, Senden, and Ichi No Katana.

Back Item: The Dark Evil Sickle works best against Pure Earth Users. If you don't have it, that's fine, just go with whatever you have.

Pet: Pets that can immobilize your target are best. Examples include Suzu, Keiko, Kisuke, you get the idea.

Jutsu: Even though Pure Earth Users are the most heavily affected by % damaging skills, such as Hellfire, don’t bother equipping Hellfire for PvP battles. Burn effects are virtually useless in PvP, and also you must take into consideration that when your opponent is burned, poisoned, etc, Sleep will not affect them, for your target will wake up immediately. What you should be aiming for is Jutsu that immobilizes the target. Earth Users tend to have quite a bit of immobilizing techniques, so you need to be on even ground with them.

Extreme Talent: Nothing in particular yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Secret Talent: Probably Hidden Silhouette for its immobilizing skills. For Free Users, train whatever compliments your elements best.

In The Battlefield: Be prepared for a long fight, for your opponent has a large amount of HP. He also most likely has a variety of immobilizing skills. Be careful when inflicting larger amounts of damage upon the target, for there is a chance that 30% of that damage will be reflected back at you. Keep your HP high; that Reactive Force can strike you when you least expect it. As always, immobilize your opponent whenever you can.

Pure Water Users

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:50 am
by Runehawk
Pure Water Users

Primary Strengths: Large amounts of chakra & ability to recover considerable amounts of HP through the expense of chakra.

Weakness: Water Jutsu are the second-weakest Ninjutsu (damage wise) in the world of Ninja Saga. Also,
having a large chakra pool makes Pure Water’s more susceptible to chakra draining skills.

Raising a Pure Water

Spoiler: show
Weapons: Sea Bonze or Dark Gedo Shuriken if you can get them. Maybe get a weapon that boosts attack power, for Water Jutsu deals the second lowest damage in the game.

Back Item: The Rose Bouquet compliments Pure Water users the best, but if you don't have it, or you really don't need extra CP, just wear whatever you have.

Pet: Pets that grant the user with chakra (i.e: Easter Bunny) are unnecessary, and so are pets that heal their master (i.e: Kame the Turtle). Go for an offensive pet, since Water Jutsu are relatively weak.

Jutsu: REFRESH IS A MUST. That's a Water User's primary Jutsu. Water Bundle and Prison Colliding Wave are good tools to have when you need to immobilize your foe to have time to heal/charge. Water Renewal benefits Pure Water’s more than any other build, granting them additional chakra. I highly recommend training Prison Colliding Wave, as it makes a great skill to use on World Bosses / exam opponents. Shield of Suiten can be a lifesaver, if you take care to mind your chakra levels. Go for Water Bundle first, then Prison Colliding Wave. Renewal. If you have extra Tokens, purchase either Water Renewal or Shield of Suiten, whichever suits your battle style. Shark Encampment Shield can be helpful in exams & boss battles; just make sure you have your opponent immobilized before you begin the healing process. It's relatively useless in missions, however, as they tend not to be a problem in terms of HP. If you have extra Tokens, and the Level 50 skill, you might as well get Strong Arm of Suiten for extra defence. The Level 50 & 60 skills should only be obtained if you already have Water Bundle and Prison Colliding Wave.

Extreme Talent: If you’re a Premium User, train Eye of Mirror. EoM’s skills expend a great deal of chakra, something that Pure Water’s have. If you can suit your battle style to work with its large chakra consumption, then EoM will prove extremely useful. Otherwise, train Dark Eye. Its Meridian Strengthen skill compliments your large chakra pool. With one charge, you can regain a large percentage of chakra*. Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction's Restriction adds even more immobilizing skills to a Pure Water Nin's arsenal, on top of Water Bundle and PCW. The skill also has a chance to completely remove all buffs from your opponent.

Submitted by kunnaruto40: Lvl 10 Meridian Strengthen increases maximum CP by 20% and recovers CP by extra 25% per charge. A Level 60 Pure Water User has 4260 CP. Add the 20% increase (+852 CP), and you'll get 5112 CP. A charge is 25% of your CP. Add the 25% increase, and you'll get a 50% charge (2556 CP).

Secret Talent: There’s no secret Talent that really compliments Pure Water’s yet, but Enraged Forest’s passive skill can recover a user’s HP and CP by a certain percentage whenever one attacks with an Earth/Water Jutsu. The more CP you have, the higher the CP recovery.

In The Battlefield: Your biggest strength is your large chakra pool. Since you won't have to waste as many turns charging, you'll have more turns to attack your foe. Remember, though you have a great amount of chakra, don't waste it. Always have enough chakra to pull of a Refresh skill. (I recommend you have the top two Refresh skills that you can get equipped). Your attack power isn't very high, so it'll take a little while for you to take down your opponent. Just keep your opponent immobilized whenever possible, Refresh when necessary, and deal out your offensive skills in between.

COMBO 1: Secret Silhouette: Strangle + Hope your Purify effect takes place. Submitted by MDuh

Fighting a Pure Water

Spoiler: show
Weapons: Anything that drains CP or takes away a percentage of the opponents CP away is good. I think there’s only two or three out there (I know one of them is a Clan Wars reward), so perhaps you should equip yourself with whatever you suits your build.

Back Item: The Ninja Bag is good for increasing the recovery effect of healing scrolls, you’ll need it if you want to keep up with a Pure Water’s Refresh skills.

Pet: Just about any pet works in this case. Pet’s that absorb the opponents chakra are good as well, such as Yamaru or Yajiro.

Jutsu: You're looking for Jutsu that either lower the opponents chakra, or prevents him/her from healing (Internal Injury effect). Examples are Prison Colliding Wave (for the lowering of CP) and Earth Absorption, which is a must for Earth Users. Also, you'll need to focus more on buffing your character than debuffing your opponent. This is because a Water Nin's Purify effect can spring into action at anytime, removing all negative buffs on the character. For example, instead of a Jutsu that lowers your opponents attack, get a Jutsu that raises your own attack.

Extreme Talent: Eight Extremities, hands down. This Talent can instantly reduce a target's CP by 50%, and can double the target's CP consumption for three turns.

Secret Talent: Nothing in particular against Pure Water Nins (yet).

In The Battlefield: Be prepared for a long fight. Your opponent will have a lot of chakra, and most likely quite a few immobilizing skills as well. Pure Water's are one of the most annoying opponents to come by in PvP battles, mostly because of their Refresh skill. But your opponent can't use their Refresh if they can't move, so keep him/her under stuns whenever possible. Use their large amount of chakra to your advantage by draining it for yourself. If you opponent casts Shield of Suiten, it might be actually a good idea to attack your foe. This is an opportunity to bring down the power of a Pure Water Ninja. Without chakra, a ninja is virtually nothing.

mattu2 says: "I've raised a pure water character before and chakra draining skills don't have too much of an effect on us. I'd suggest doing some significant damage to make them use their Refresh skills, then buff yourself or just attack while the refresh skills are in cooldown. The main issue with Pure Water Users is Refresh and Purify. I suggest not to even try using debuffs on them but to buff yourself up and constantly attack them because they can and will outlast you if you don't."

Re: The Complete Guide to Pure Builds - Raising & Defeating Them

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:51 am
by Runehawk

Re: The Complete Guide to Pure Builds - Raising & Defeating Them

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:51 am
by Runehawk

Credits and Conclusion

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:52 am
by Runehawk

A section dedicated to commending the works of others who have helped in the completion and accuracy of the information in this guide. These people are:

:idea: Averbadp for correcting a grammatical error.
:idea: DragonEye for correcting a grammatical error.
:idea: MDuh for getting my facts straight, info on "Raising a Pure Water" (Combo 1), and info on "Fighting a Pure Lightning" (Combo 1).
:idea: kunnaruto40 for providing info on "Raising a Pure Water" (Extreme Talent).
:idea: mattu2 for providing info on "Fighting a Pure Water" (In the Battlefield)
:idea: J4YK0 for proving info on "Fighting a Pure Fire" (Extreme Talent)
:idea: Argetlahm for providing info on "Raising a Pure Earth" (Extreme Talent + Combo 1 & 2)
:idea: jay_agno for providing feedback on the Level 50 and 60 Kinjutsu.

:idea: Credits go to all of you for reading this guide. o/\o


And there you have it. I hope this has helped you in your path to raising or defeating a Pure Build User. This guide will constantly be updated, and all suggestions to improve this guide are welcome.

If you have any questions, compliments, comments, compliments, suggestions, or even compliments, feel free to post them here, or private message me, Runehawk.


Re: The Complete Guide to Pure Builds - Raising & Defeating Them

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by Averbadp
Nice guide, cant wait to try out other builds now for my new chars :D