Can someone help me with a build

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Can someone help me with a build

Postby LectorMonkey » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:07 pm

please help me out with a PVP build. I am currently pure wind (will change based on suggestions). I have EYE of Mirrior, Wood release and Hidden Silhouette . Thanks!

Wind: 1.Dance of Fujin, 2. Kinjutsu: Evasion

Fire: 1. Kinjutsu: Phenoix Fire breath, 2. Kinjutsu: FLame armor, 3. Kinjutsu: Great Yama Cannon, 4. Kinjutsu: Fire Energy Excitation, 5. Kinjutsu: Hellfire, 6.Kinjutsu: Fire power

Earth: 1.Kinjutsu: Earth ABsorbtion, 2. Kinjutsu: Embrace of GOlem, 3.Kinjutsu: Golem Protection

Taijutsu: 1.Kinjutsu: Sake Heihachi, 2. Kinjutsu: Lance of god killing, 3.Kinjutsu: Kizui Kimama 4.Kinjutsu: Genbu Defensive Style 5. Kinjutsu: Advanc Phantom Impulse

Genjutsu:1. Five elements consuming seal, 2. Batariozord's revenenge, 3.Shield Bash, 4. Bijuu Bomb, 5. Three rods of dark pillars, 6. Kunai Shooting, 7. Feather illusion, 8. Fat women transformation, 9. Mark of god killing ,10. Monarch of Thunder, 11. Dark demonic illusion bewitching eyes, 12. Dark mind body restriction, 13. Spiritual Restriction, 14. Lightning Style Bunshin, 15.Battle Soul Jutsu, 16.Tension Omi Gongen
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