Defensive Build/Strategy/Gaming?

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Defensive Build/Strategy/Gaming?

Postby deathavs89 » Tue May 06, 2014 7:38 pm

I dunno If I posted this on the right section, and not also sure if there are still active forum members around. But if there are, I would like to know/ask if which
Element Combination/Stat(Attribute) Allocation/Talent and Secret Talents that'll suit a Defensive Build/Strategy/Gaming for a FREE USER like me...

*** will be greatly appreciated, feel free to give out multiple options :)
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Re: Defensive Build/Strategy/Gaming?

Postby dannytranvan » Thu May 08, 2014 9:18 pm

There are some defensive build you can provide for your character. Since you are a free user, I'll give you some advice of what you should have to make a defensive character.

Pure Water (All Attributes in Water),(Extreme Talent) Dark Eye, (Secret Talent) Icy Crystal, (Secret Talent) Enraged Forest, Elements: Water, Wind (Fire)

With this, you are able to make a defensive character that have a chance to purify each turn. Not only that, you will be able to have high CP also in which you are able to recover 50% of your Max. CP (Dark Eye Maxed).

Pure Earth (All Attributes in Earth), (Extreme Talent) Deadly Performance, (Secret Talent) Explosive Lava, (Secret Talent) Enraged Forest, Elements: Earth, Wind (Fire)

This is another defensive strategy. What this does is that it gives you large amounts of Max. HP along with a chance for target to receive reactive force damage. Good for defense and good to cause damage too.

The other element I mentioned, Fire, is something that can give you an extra boost for defensive strategy if you become an Emblem User in the future.
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Re: Defensive Build/Strategy/Gaming?

Postby eonstratus » Fri May 09, 2014 11:21 am

Like D-tran explained above, what ever you pick, just remember that pure stats (all invested in one element) Are always more highly recommended over mixed stats. The goal is to maximize 1 element as your Primary style for battle and use the others as just support for your main element. This lets you do the most damage that your main element can do as well as gives you the highest chance to activate its special abilities and you can a.ccess the jutsu of your other elements to provide you with heals, stuns, burns, blinds, rapid cooldown and so forth.
For defensive choices there is Earth, Water or Wind

Defensive Pure Earth.
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For a free user starting out with low tokens I recommend Earth/Water with all points in earth. out of All the 3 defensive options earth has the highest damage and also does not depend on luck as much as much as the other 2. wind needs luck from dodge to survive and water needs luck from purify to help defend itself, but earth has HP. Since You can only die if your hp hits 0, so having the most hp is a more sure form of survival. also earth gets an early stun at level 2, "earth strangle" and it costs only gold and with water you can get recovery from refresh. you can get some survival from earth/water without spending token. (you will need token skill for pvp though)

Defensive Pure Water
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Water/Earth with all stats in water is another good option, it has healing skills that cost gold, and water points will boost your hp recovery from refresh, you can recover massive hp and with high chakra pool you can launch multiple massive jutsu without resting. But you will need kinjutsu to make it effective in defense. water bundle and prison colliding wave are extremely good for crowd control and shield of suiton (lv 40) is the most important defense for water. Also a downside is that there are no jutsu to Boost purify chance, only jutsu that can Lower purify chance and weapons and back items that +purify % are extremely rare.

Defensive Pure Wind
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Wind/Water -pure Wind is another noble defensive combination. With high speed, dodge, and healing it can be tough to take down. but its also risky. It takes patience and training and depends a lot on luck. its sort like a fragile speedster if it can be pinned down it can die quickly but it can also deliver rapid hits, avoid swarms of devastating jutsu, and staying 1 step ahead of the enemy at all times. Wind needs kinjutsu support to survive and be be effective though. I dont recommend starting out with wind if you dont have tokens to buy evasion. It also takes a while to get strong with it. The water stuns are also useful on wind due its speed it can deliver them first. also the a.ccess to the refresh skills give it needed reliable speedy recovery. Another downside is there are alot of accuracy jutsu and free weapons released with 15%+ , 30%+ accuracy. Though In the overall game At higher levels(40+) Wind becomes one of the best defensive survivalist out there.
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Re: Defensive Build/Strategy/Gaming?

Postby deathavs89 » Mon May 12, 2014 5:09 am

Wow! Thanks a lot for the replies!

now I can already on my new character. :)
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