Back after a bit

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Back after a bit

Postby windwolf777 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:18 pm

Ok, I have a few questions. I haven't played in forever because I got bored waiting for the level 80 exam and after my hiatus need some advice:
1. Is pure wind still OP after the accuracy weapons, new years/bunny girl jutsu, etc,
2. Is DE still considered the weakest skill tree?
3. If I wanted to start fighting in the arena, what would be my best shot? I am a Wind/Water/Fire user, and here are the jutsu I have (No upgrade points unless stated otherwise):
Spoiler: show
All Fire jutsu, Hellfire maxed out
Wind Peace, Blade of Wind, Maxed Dance of Fujin
Prison Colliding Wave Maxed, Shield of Suiten,
Advanced Phantom Impulse
5 Elements Seal (Reduce enemy by 25% of current HP ((Tensai for level 60 exam))
Bewitching Eyes Illusion: (Remove positive buffs and -40% damage
Dragon Swirl Illusion: (Chaos 2 turns)
Dark Mind Body restriction: Restrict and -5% HP per turn (5 turns)
Falling Leaf Illusion: (Remove all Buffs)
Bat Transformation: 2 turn stun
Feather Illusion: Sleep 3 turns
20(12/13) Elemental Awakening: Reduce Elemental Chance procs by (40/50)%
Fat Woman Transformation: 2 turn stun
Pandoras Box 1: 1% Hp Burn 5 turns
Advanced Baku Shinjutsu: 1 turn chaos

EDIT: Just a quick time period help, I quit around the time when all of the +acc weapons were introduced, because I was a pure wind user, and Im an intel class by mistake. Im going to reset to Sensor when I earn enough tokens

EDIT 2: Is it possible to get the Ginkotsu Military Claw any more or any of the previous Hunting house weapons or no? (Like the original ones. Not the multi upgrade ones (Burning Yanki scythe, gedo shuriken, etc etc))

EDIT 3: When did the level 60 exam jutsu become a 25 turn CD? I thought it was 50?
Spoiler: show

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Re: Back after a bit

Postby deatheater2000 » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:11 am

1. Pure wind is still favorably most popular strategy in PVP. Even after release of accuracy weapons, wind users have an edge over others cause of their agility and dodge.
2. No talent is specifically weak, it all depends on the player. Most DE users are free users thats why it may look like other talents have an edge. In reality it is evenly balanced with DP.
3. As i said wind users have an edge. Keep atleast 1 lock jutsu, 2 disperse skills, 3 or more defence skills and 2 attack skills.

Edit 2: Yes it is possible, you can get those items from the new scratch card. (scratch card appears randomly upon completing missions etx)
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