I unlocked the new 4th Anniversary Pet!

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I unlocked the new 4th Anniversary Pet!

Postby Viperwasp » Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:57 pm

I unlocked the New 4th Anniversary Pet and as well as his skills!
Both of them! Yes the new pet only has two skills. And no I am not trolling. Well he has three total but one is a basic attack.

You can search on Youtube I uploaded the video less than 30 minutes ago. I think I'm the only one to upload a video of this pet so far.

But here are his Two Skills!

Skill Level One : Basic Attack.

Skill Level Five : Mace Attack. 50% chance to Bleed Effect. (Two turns) Target takes 5% extra Damage

Skill Level Ten : Frenzy Egg. Becomes a ball to attack, produce Chaos (2 Turns!)

So what do you think about this? First of all I should say that overall I am disappointed. The second skill is really good. But the first one sucks and he only has two skills. Also without friendship Kunai this pets cannot be obtained for less than 1,200 Tokens and many hours of game play. I had to start paying the 15 tokens per match for the last three pets. Meaning your going to spend over 2,200+ Tokens and still spend a fair bit of time unlocking this pet.

It's not worth 2,200+ Tokens unless you have a really bad pet. And the other rewards of this particular event also suck. The backitem and weapon are worse than even remotely common gear. I should also mention that I STILL cannot equip Yobi after clearing this whole event! Or any of my other tailed beast pets. So I imagine it's a global lock until NS team feels like releasing it. Which may likely be this whole event.

I think this pet needs at least a little buff perhaps 2 other skills! I think a Purify would be nice to have. But even less rare and cheaper pets that where offered during less exciting events have been better. The pet that recovers 300CP, Purifies and also casts guard and heal is a lot better than this pet all around. But it's not the worst pet in Ninja Saga and truth be told the pet is good. But not really good or as good as most other pets people already have. However a pet that costs up to 2,200+ Tokens and hours to unlock should have at least two great skills. Just my opinion.

I think in total I spent over 3,400+ Tokens... The two turn Chaos is neat though.
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