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Payment Issues

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 1:11 am
by Kage
Recently, a lot of players have purchased Ninja Emblem or Saga Tokens via unofficial channels, which resulted in various payment problems such as incomplete payment, transaction failure, unauthorized payment and chargeback case, and hence, their accounts have been disabled.

Players are advised NOT to make any payments via any unofficial channels, websites or friends; Players will have to bear all consequences (including all kinds of losses), while Ninja Saga will not indemnify for anything.

-- When you make any payments, make sure you are in the official website domain.
Official website URL:

** You can purchase Ninja Emblem or Saga Tokens by:
--- Clicking any in-game "Get More (Tokens)", or "Upgrade" buttons, or "Apply Now" in the Headquarters,
--- Clicking the "Buy Ninja Emblem" or "Buy Saga Token" tabs on top of the game screen.
-- Never let anybody get *** to the account ID and / or password of your credit card(s), bank account(s) and social networking sites.
-- If you are using computer at public venues like internet cafe, always remember to log out from everything before you leave.
-- If you have found any unofficial sites selling Ninja Emblem or Saga Tokens, please report to Ninja Saga via:
MySpace: ... pId=147141