Tensai Special Jounin Class skills List

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Postby qasz926wl » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:29 am

i've even tried the mario.exe that comes with the emulator and it's also pretty unplayable. to give you an indication,Puma shoes sale, Pumas shoes, Cheap Puma shoes, discount puma shoes, it took me 30 seconds to get to the first coin box.
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you guys are too much ^^

Postby Ezackiel » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:13 am

MEN.. no doubt that, if you already choosed your division special skill with that kind of explanation, you are stupid

first.. physical reknown division skills attack are like, NOTHING (one is almost the same as the five element skill you get in parallele, and the other is like a Bad Patriarch skill, or a 7 pound version of the 8 extremities)

Twice.. 2 of the important healing division skills, are not fully explained !!! (and that so myself can't explain, and will not try 3 character lvl 60, just to do so) 1- Sensor, CAN, be a skill that cooldown, from what we know of Wikia.. isn't it ?? lol anyway, how can we be sure ??! we have the skill BY joining the sensor division, and it says it's usable only Once, and then they say that if you join the sensor division, you get it permanent (that you can use it more than once) !!! LOL
2- Medical, is very useful, but still.. lots of you would see things otherwise, if you checked that it can be used only ONCE, and that, when you are lvl 80, you have like 4k HP (and can only heal 2400).. Usefull, that so it's the only Party skill that heal the others too (unless Tenson).. but anyway.. Only strategic One Shot deal.....

Third.. That Mervelous Intelligence division skill, is not said how, the jutsu sight really works (and it's, for my own, the only argument that could give me a reason to take this skill) LoL... Check this out.. Random... is it the same jutsu you see from turns to turns.. or is it changing ??? (lol if its changin, then can we tell that it's a real Random, and that you can easily know All the opponent skills ^^) AND... is it only skills that are Not, in cooldown, or it is really All skills ??? (cause if it's skills, opponent can use next turns.. it has a more effective usefulness ^^ (anyway, you can tell skills actually in cooldown, by being aware of which skills the opponent Just use, in front of your frelling Face (and that, if you really know the game enough, you will know the actual cooldown of the skill, no ?? (10 for normal jutsu, 14 for almost all Genjutsu (Kinjutsu are variable), and for talents, almost all 20))))

Stop pretending to be trustable (the guy who always respond Sensor, as an option, or suggestion), or leaking judgement of your own (all those who just throw information, and do not seam to analyse the situation, for their own good) ... and Start acting like real players, by giving us,
Real information.. actually yours,
Ezackiel ;)
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