Release Timetable

We will try our best to catch up with the schedule.

Crew Reward S362019-04-30Released
Clan Reward S1022019-05-06Released
Crew Reward S372019-05-13Released
PVE Reward S292019-05-27Released
Clan Reward S1032019-06-03Released
Clan Reward S1042019-07-10Released
Clan Reward S1052019-09-22Released
Clan Reward S1062019-11-07Released
Clan Reward S1072019-11-13Released
PVE Reward S302019-11-21Released
Crew Reward S382019-11-25Released
Crew Reward S392019-12-05Released
PVE Reward S312019-12-06Released
Crew Reward S402019-12-09Released
PVE Reward S322019-12-10Released
PVE Reward S332019-12-16Released
PVE Reward S342019-12-17Released
PVE Reward S352019-12-18Released
Clan Reward S1082019-12-19Released
Clan Reward S1092019-12-22Released
PVE Reward S362020-01-03Released
PVE Reward S372020-01-04Released
PVE Reward S382020-01-05Released
PVE Reward S392020-01-06Released
PVE Reward S402020-01-07Released
Crew Reward S412020-02-04Released
Crew Reward S422020-02-07Released
Crew Reward S432020-02-17Released
Crew Reward S442020-02-20Released
Clan Reward S1102020-02-22Released
Crew Reward S452020-02-22Released
Clan Reward S1112020-03-01Released
Clan Reward S1122020-04-03Released
Clan Reward S1132020-04-15Released
Clan Reward S1142020-04-30Released
Clan Reward S1152020-06-12Released
Crew Reward S462020-06-15Released
PPvE Reward S412020-06-16Released
Clan Reward S1162020-06-17Released
Crew Reward S472020-06-18Released
PPvE Reward S422020-06-19Released
Clan Reward S1172020-06-22Released
Crew Reward S482020-06-23Released
PPvE Reward S432020-06-24Released
Clan Reward S1182020-06-25Released
PPvE Reward S442020-06-26Released
Crew Reward S492020-06-30Released
Crew Reward S502020-07-01Released
PPvE Reward S452020-07-07Released
PPvE Reward S462020-07-14Released
Crew Reward S512020-07-30Released
Clan Reward S1192020-07-31Released
Clan Reward S1202020-08-01Released
Crew Reward S522020-08-04Released
Clan Reward S1212020-08-05Released
Crew Reward S532020-08-07Released
Clan Reward S1222020-08-10Released
PPvE Reward S472020-08-12Released
PPvE Reward S482020-08-21Released
Clan Reward S1232020-08-24Released
Clan Reward S1242020-08-26Released
PPvE Reward S492020-09-04Released
PPvE Reward S502020-09-07Released
Crew Reward S542020-09-18Released
Clan Reward S1252020-11-01Released
Clan Reward S1262020-11-15In Progress...
Crew Reward S552020-11-23In Progress...
PPvE Reward S512020-11-30In Progress...
Clan Reward S1272020-12-01Under development
Crew Reward S562020-12-03Under development
Clan Reward S1282020-12-10Under development
PPvE Reward S522020-12-15Under development
Crew Reward S572020-12-20Under development
Crew Reward S58Work in progress, will update soon...Under development

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