Release Timetable

We will try our best to catch up with the schedule.

Crew Reward S362019-04-30Released
Clan Reward S1022019-05-06Released
Crew Reward S372019-05-13Released
PVE Reward S292019-05-27Released
Clan Reward S1032019-06-03Released
Clan Reward S1042019-07-10Released
Clan Reward S1052019-09-22Released
Clan Reward S1062019-11-07Released
Clan Reward S1072019-11-13Released
PVE Reward S302019-11-21Released
Crew Reward S382019-11-25Released
Crew Reward S392019-12-05Released
PVE Reward S312019-12-06Released
Crew Reward S402019-12-09Released
PVE Reward S322019-12-10Released
PVE Reward S332019-12-16Released
PVE Reward S342019-12-17Released
PVE Reward S352019-12-18Released
Clan Reward S1082019-12-19Released
Clan Reward S1092019-12-22Released
PVE Reward S362020-01-03Released
PVE Reward S372020-01-04Released
PVE Reward S382020-01-05Released
PVE Reward S392020-01-06Released
PVE Reward S402020-01-07Released
Crew Reward S412020-02-04Released
Crew Reward S422020-02-07Released
Crew Reward S432020-02-17Released
Crew Reward S442020-02-20Released
Clan Reward S1102020-02-22Released
Crew Reward S452020-02-22Released
Clan Reward S1112020-03-01Released
Crew Reward S462020-03-10Testing stage
Crew Reward S472020-03-12In Progress...
Clan Reward S1122020-03-20Testing stage
Clan Reward S1132020-04-04In Progress...
Clan Reward S114Work in progress, will update soon...Under development
Clan Reward S115Work in progress, will update soon...Under development
PVE Reward S41Work in progress, will update soon...In Progress...
PVE Reward S42Work in progress, will update soon...Under development

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