Daily Lucky Draw

Gold & Tokens are now Easier to Get!

Good new to all fans of Ninja Saga!

Have you found the Lucky Draw Roulette when you start the game? Fans can get daily bonus prize - FREE Gold & Saga Tokens in Ninja Saga! Spin it and the prize is yours!
Every day you come back again, the prize will be doubled, tripled, and even sextupled!

Do not have ideas on how the lucky draw works? No problem, let's go over it together!

1. The first time you log in Ninja Saga every day, Shin will lead you to the Lucky Draw Roulette.

2. Only fans may join the Lucky Draw! Are you a fan yet?

Become a fan/ Like us on Facebook to get daily prize and be updated with the latest game info!

3. Spin it! Gold, or Tokens?

4. Log in every day to increase your prize amount:

The first 3 consecutive days you come back and spin the Lucky Draw, you will get exactly the amount you span.

5. The 4th - 6th consecutive days you come back, your reward will be doubled!

6. The 7th - 9th consecutive days you come back, wow, your reward will be tripled!

7. If you play 15 days or more in a row, your reward will be sextupled! Yes, 6 times!


  • A new lucky draw will be available every day at PST 00:00am
  • Be a hardworking ninja and do not break the chain V once the log-in-chain is broken, you will have to start from Day 1 again.

Happy Spinning!

** Token hacking = permanent suspension

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