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It shows posted announcements from the Crew Master.
Remember to check it often to receive an update from your Crew Master.

Member List

All Crew members and each of the members’ contributions can be found here, including:
  • The total earned reputation of each member.
  • The amount of Gold and Saga Tokens that each member donated.

  • History

    It shows your Crew's battle history.

    Crew Buildings
    Crew Buildings (Training Centre, Bath House, Kushi Dango, Tea House) can serve as a passive booster to enhance the crew member’s performance during Crew Battle.
    Crew Buildings will be reset at the beginning of each season.
    Crew Master can construct and upgrade the buildings in Crew District with given amount of gold or sage token.
    Select a building that you want to upgrade, and a box will pop up with the building's description.

    The Training Centre increases Stamina restored per Tick.
  • Level 1: Stamina restored per Tick +10
  • Level 2: Stamina restored per Tick +20
  • Level 3: Stamina restored per Tick +30

  • The Bath House increases the max. amount of Wall Life bar.
  • Level 1: Wall Life Bar max amount +3000
  • Level 2: Wall Life Bar max amount +6000
  • Level 3: Wall Life Bar max amount +9000

  • The Kushi Dango increases Life Bar restored per Tick.
  • Level 1: Life Bar restored per Tick +50
  • Level 2: Life Bar restored per Tick +60
  • Level 3: Life Bar restored per Tick +70

  • The Tea House increases extra times for daily mini game.
  • Level 1: Extra times for daily mini game +2
  • Level 2: Extra times for daily mini game +3
  • Level 3: Extra times for daily mini game +5

  • Game Tutorial
    Each season will have 2 phases: The Attack phase and The Defend phase.

    Click ‘Crew Battle’ to open the battle map.

    Select a Castle that you want to capture.

    In phase 1, player have to defeat the boss to increase the chance to capture the Castle.

    After phase 1 (due to sever time 00:00:00) it will count as (1) one; and the crew who defeat the boss most times will own the Castle.

    In phase 2, the castle owner change to the crew which get highest defeating times in phase 1. Crew members with the crew has any castles
    can choose to be attacker / defender. If your crew doesn't have any castle, you can only being an attacker.

    Attackers are free to attack any castles.

    Defenders can only choose one of the your owned castles to defend.

    For exchange to attacker / defender / go to another castles defend, they both have one hour of cooldown time.
    When all of the defender HP become 0, the castle wall will start under attack. The crew which break the wall (Wall HP = 0 ) becomes the new owner of the castle.
    When a crew owns more than one castles, start from the 2nd castle, the maximum castle defender will be decrease gradually.
    If the crew owns the same castle for every 24 hours (updated on every hour), the wall limit & amount of the castle will increase 1000.
    When phase 2 has ended, the castle owners can win the ‘Castle Reward’. Besides, there are also ‘Damage Ranking Reward’ (Include Attack and Defend)

    Mini Game

    You can get the following recovery items by playing in the ‘Mini Game’ (Golden Stamina Roll and Vitality Gourd).
    Golden Stamina Roll: Used to recover stamina(Item Maximum: 30)
    Vitality Gourd: Used to recover player's life bar(Item Maximum: 50)
    (Notice: If defender's life bar = 0, the life bar can only regenerate by time or using token, the 'Vitality Gourd' can't be used)


    You can check the rankings of each corresponding castles.

    *** If you have any question on the crew tutorial, please go to “
    SUPPORT” for more information.

    Game Info

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