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Buff Talents

Postby Lag :) » Mon May 25, 2020 5:06 am

Talents are a major mechanic in the game, and due to power creep the majority of them simply could not compete with new jutsus and become completely obsolete. I believe that with the exception of Saint Power and Insect Symbiosis, every Extreme Talent as well as every Secret Talent needs a good big buff.

Eye of Mirror
Spoiler: show
1) Mirror of Passion
The 2% HP reduction for 10 turns is incredibly outdated. It would be better if it burns for 10% for 2 turns instead, or even just 5% for 4 turns.
2) Mirror of Grace
The main problem with non-damaging active talents is that their CP costs scale up as you level up but their effects do not. At max level this costs 1180 CP, which is incredibly high for a 3 turn disable.
3) Mirror of Strength
A damage protection buff for the first few turns would be good, for example 100% damage reduction for 1 or 2 turns would make this better.
4) Mirror of Freedom
The revive HP and CP percentage should be doubled.

Eight Extremities
Spoiler: show
1) Soul Punch
This is the only active talent that is only damage and has no effect, and damage-wise it performs badly and is even worse than modern weapon attack in both PvP and PvE. It needs a huge damage buff to compensate for its lack of effects.
2) Extreme Mode
At max level this costs 1450 CP for a 80% damage buff that is only applied to Taijutsus and also inflicts internal injury on you. Compare this to other damage buff jutsus like Firepower or Matriarchal Tolerance that boosts every damage and not just Taijutsu with even lower CP and CD and no drawback. This should be half its current CP cost at the very most, considering that it also gives you internal injury.

Dark Eye
Spoiler: show
1) Dark Eye
The dodge chance is too low and accuracy bonus is too redundant in today's meta where every item and jutsu has incredibly high accuracy and cannot be dodged. Just make it an active that casts True Sight (+50% dodge, +50% crit chance and attacks cannot miss) for 1 turn.
2) Meridian Search
Since the critical chance bonus is transferred to the new active, this passive will increase critical damage (50%) and give 100% chance to reduce agility (50% for 2 turns) if critical hit occurs.
2) Acupuncture: Meridian Anesthesia
The damage reduction needs a big boost, up to 50% would be good enough.
3) Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction
As the ultimate move of the talent, the disperse should be a guarantee.

Deadly Performance
Spoiler: show
1) Soul of Samurai
Make it so that it rebounds 10% of all damage taken and give 10% maximum hp bonus. This will make this talent perfect for a battle of attrition as well as being less luck reliant.
2) Soul of Onmyouji
Make the stun resist 50%.

Demon Sound
Spoiler: show
1) Demon Song
The passive should be able to trigger when using the actives. Also damage reduction does not really synergize with wind or lightning. It would be better if it reduces the target's accuracy (20%) and make the target more susceptible to critical hits (20%) but last only for 2 turns instead of 3. Stacks with Phantasm Wave.
2) Demon Song: Phantasm Wave
Reduce target accuracy by 30%, make target more susceptible to critical hits by 30%. This will make it synergize with Lightning more, since making the target more susceptible to critical hits is better than reducing the targets critical rate.
3) Demon Song: Song of Fantasia
Allows you to select which jutsu to erase.

Explosive Lava
Spoiler: show
1) Explosive Lava
This one's good, but also apply the damage boost to Lava Spirits.
2) Secret Lava: Lava Shield
Gives Lava Shield to the caster, giving damage reduction (50%) as well as 'Lava' to attackers (25% extra damage from Fire and Earth Ninjutsu). Damage reduction synergizes more with Earth users making them tougher and for Fire users since they are frail. This is a shield after all.
3) Secret Lava: Lava Spirits
Inflict Burn (5%) and Numb (50%) to the target for 2 turns.

Hidden Silhouette
Spoiler: show
1) Silhouette Capture
Increase Capture chance to 25%.
2) Secret Silhouette: Strangle
Increase HP reduction to 5%

Enraged Forest
Spoiler: show
1) Nature Power
Can also trigger when using the Enraged Forest active jutsus

Icy Crystal
Spoiler: show
1) Absolute Zero Zone
Wind-water ninjutsu has 25% chance to inflict Slow (Reduce agility by 50%) for 1 turn. This will synergize better with wind and water users.
2) Secret Icy Crystal: Hakukage Horo
Freeze yourself and recover 25% HP and CP per turn for 2 turns. This is a unique defensive skill as Freeze cannot be dispelled, this will help survive against Saint Power users who simply ignore all the dodge chance of wind users. If you are also a pure water user you can have a high chance to purify the freeze away when it is your turn.
3) Secret Icy Crystal: Icy Kaleidoscope
Freeze the target (1 turn) and inflicts wind and water faint (20% bonus damage to wind and water) for 3 turns. This gives the Talent a unique control option.

These are all my ideas right now feel free to comment or contribute.
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