Guide for getting 100 tokens via referral codes

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Guide for getting 100 tokens via referral codes

Postby WaphetS » Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:19 am

Want free 100 tokens to purchase premium items? Use this referral code to get free 100 tokens = 587285301
How to enter the code?
open your ninja saga ios app.
Press new game or load your previously saved game
Once opened on the top left corner of your screen
Right besides the Gold, Tokens and Talent points count.
Press the button picturing a + Gold and Token (button to purchase ingame items via real-time money)
Once pressed and your inside, at the right side
Press earn tokens for free then scroll down
And press "Enter Referral Code"
Then enter this code 587285301
After Entering the code you will now receive your free 100 tokens
And you will be helping me receive 100 tokens as well.
Thank you for reading if you have any questions about the game
Kindly PM me i'l try and help you.
Good Luck and have fun! playing :)

You can also post here your referral codes via subscribing ninja saga ios and following them on tweeter
Then submit a referral code tweet after submitting your tweeter account will have tweeted your referral code
By then you can now invite your friends to come and join and let them enter your referral code so that you
May both enjoy the mutual benefits of having 100 tokens.

Have fun :D
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Re: Guide for getting 100 tokens via referral codes

Postby ninja_vanish » Sun May 18, 2014 7:01 pm

My referral code is: 40600596
Let's all help each other earn coins. (I used your code, WaphetS ;) )
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