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Commonly Mistaken Bugs

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:59 pm
by Jinchuuriki
Please make sure you read this topic before you decide to report something that is actually not a bug.

B: All my skills are gone.
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A: This bug appeared because you have accidentally learnt from friends/ purchased a 3rd school of skill(s), and thus caused this error. You will retrieve your jutsus back after the NS team remove the extra 3rd school jutsus you were not supposed to possess.

B: My Ninja Saga Page does not load properly, sometimes I only get a black screen,and sometimes it says it's under maintenance.
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A: Ninja Saga is still in Alpha Version. That means it's still under constant/continuous development and has not passed even to Beta Version. Therefore, you should expect a game maintenance at any time while new features are being applied and occurred bugs are being fixed.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this fact.

B: I've reached level 20 and can't get more EXP.
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A: You have to take the Chunin Exams, which can be found in Special Missions.

B: I've reached level 40 and can't get more EXP.
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A: That's because you have already reached the current maximum level. The reason the level cap has been placed at Lv40 is that the game is still under development and big updates are being patched very often to keep it exciting and antagonistic. Setting a level cap pretends players from going too high in levels while high level gear and missions have not been implemented yet.
This is something temporary.. Please be patient and check for Official Game Announcements and Game Updates on Forums!

B: I am already at level 20 but I still cannot get a pet.
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A: The requirements to get a pet are BOTH being Lv20 AND pass Chunin exams.
Pets are available for Free AND Premium Users. Premium Users will simply have a bigger variety of pets to choose from.

B: I reached Lv40 but I can't unlock a Bloodline.
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A: Bloodlines are still under Development. You have to wait for additional Updates to the game.
Remember that Ninja Saga is still in Alpha Version and time is needed for its stable progress.
Bloodlines will be available for BOTH Free AND Premium Users AFTER they pass the Junin exams (exams not released yet). emblem info

B: I am Level X, but I didn't get the special event or does it occur sometimes?
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A: Not all levels have a special event to complete. It is normal.

B: During Chunin Exams part2 I collected all 3 scrolls but couldn't complete the mission.
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A: You did one of those two things:
  • You collected the scrolls but did not reach the exit (be careful.. the exit is different from the entrance)
  • You found the exit before you collect the 3 scrolls and tried to go out.. then you went back and collected the 3 scrolls.. (go back to the entrance, move out and then move in again and head towards the exit)

B: I've recently bought a Ninja Emblem but I cannot recruit friends who are higher level than me. I thought only non-Emblem users could not. Am I bugged?
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A: This is not a bug! Both premium and free users cannot recruit friends whose level are higher than theirs. The difference between a premium user and a free user is premium user can recruit the same friends repeatedly but free user can only recruit the same friend once a day.

B: I have received my 100 free tokens when I first created an account and I've spent them on items/jutsus/converted them into gold. I have deleted my character (by accident or not) / Sold my items to the vendor in-game. After that, I made a new account, but where is the 100 token bonus?
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A: You will only receive 100 tokens upon joining Ninja Saga and not every time you are creating a new character.
Once the tokens have been used for any purpose, the situation is irreversible and there is no way of getting those 100 tokens back.
If you delete your character and create a new one his gear, gold and jutsus will be lost (as expected) and the new character will have the same token balance that the deleted one used to have.
ex. if you had 100 tokens and spent 50 of them your current balance will be 50 tokens. Deleting this character and creating a new one will maintain the latest balance of your deleted character meaning 50 tokens that you were left with.

B: My stun jutsu is bugged. It says it can stun the enemy for 3 turns but when I used it, it only stunned the enemy for only 1 turn.
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A: This is not a bug and should not be reported as one, since the (3 turns stun) description stands for "UP to 3 turns stun". So eventually there is the factor of luck here that will "decide" whether it will be a 1-turn stun, 2-turns or 3-turns stun.

B: My stun is bugged/ It didn't stun the enemy, not even for a turn.
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A: Most probably your enemy has dodged your stun jutsu and you didn't notice it. Otherwise there is a possibility that your opponent was much faster than you and after you cast the stun he managed to out-run you and get a lap over you (meaning that he could play 2 turns for one of yours due to his/her speed). So actually the 1-turn stun had happened but the enemy had an extra turn for being faster.
Otherwise your opponent might have purified your stun effect (if a water user)

B: I had 1 reset point and now it's gone. I can't change build.
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A: In fact, you never had a "reset point" because there are no "reset points". Most probably you have confused your available statistic points for "reset points" just because they are next to the stat reset button.
You can either reset your stats for infinite number of times if you are an emblem user or cannot reset your stats at all if you are a free user. No points exist. (in rare occasions developers might allow a free reset for everyone)

B: I've completed a few missions then I had an error, and when I reloaded page, my exp/gold was gone.
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A: This "bug" is actually occurred when your connection is unstable and you get disconnected from the NS server even for a few seconds.
The catch is that NS is based on flash player. Practically when you get disconnected from the server you will not get any message and the flash player will continue working normally with the data that have already been exchanged between your computer and the server. Sometimes you might do 2 or more missions before your computer requests for another "package" of information and so an error will appear (cause you have to reload page to get connected back to the server - cannot automatically happen probably for safety protocol reasons)
* When you reload the page and get connected to the game server again the server will load your profile in its last saved condition. That means you might have lost gold/exp ect of the missions accomplished while you've been disconnected and until you get an error.
* Please always make sure your connection is stable.

B: I got disconnected from the server. My page needed to be reloaded and I lost (x,y,z)
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A: New game servers have been added to Ninja Saga and the game is now running smoother than ever!
However, the max idle time for the game is 15 minutes.
The game will become lagged or even error if it has been idled for more than 15 minutes. You may refresh the game if it has been idled to avoid error loading problems.

B: I saw some people that are level "x" with status that doesn't make sense. Like having only 200HP and 150CP and fewer points allocated in elements than expected..
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A: It means, those are the added attribute upon adding element points in their stats when it comes to HP and CP. Same goes with CR. When looking at their Elemental Attributes those are the Number of Skills learned in an Element Ninjutsu.

B: I can't learn Jutsu from a friend.
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A: You have most probably reached the 2 elemental school limitation for free users (3 for Emblem users) so you cannot learn an extra school from your friends.
Otherwise, if you haven't reach the limitation then you have to learn At Least 1 Jutsu of the same school you are going to copy from your friends before you learn it from them!

B: I've just purchased my Ninja Emblem but it still says I need a Ninja Emblem!!! What should I do???
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A: You simply have to log out of your character and log in with it again (or reload ninja saga).

B: The second time i open Ninja Saga it ask for username and password and in the first place it don't let me create username and password.. what should i do please help
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A: That means that you were logged out from Facebook. Since NS doesn't need any other kind of logging in.

B: why i can't buy scrolls from the item shop??whenever i try to buy one, the link of the ninja emblem will come out..why is it happening?is it a bug?pls fix it asap..thnx
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A: You can only bring 20 consumables (healing scroll & chakra scroll) if you're a free user.
You can bring 40 if you have an emblem.

B: I noticed that "Premium-Emblem" get allot of "Unlimited" areas that "Free" users dont get. One of them is Unlimited "Special Events". How is it unlimited if you only get to do the special missions once?
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A: There is a difference between the words "unlimited" and "repeatable".
When something is repeatable you can do it over and over again..
However when something is unlimited it means that you will never run out of it..
    In short, special events are unlimited and so you will always receive special events as you level up (or at least much more than free users) while the free users will have limitations and sometimes will have 1 special event when you have 2 or they will have no special events..
    What is special about an event is that you can complete it only once and in return gain much exp and gold! If special events were repeatable they would be nothing else than an overpowered routine for Emblem users..

B: I only have the X Element and i'm trying to learn the X+1 element it keeps saying that You can only learn 2 schools of Ninjutsu please help
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A: You are most probably learning it from your friends.. You must first buy a skill in the academy, before you learn a jutsu from another elemental school.
(if that is not the situation or not similar to this.. then check your jutsus again.. you might have already reached your element cap)

B: Some of my weapons can't be sold for more than 0 gold in the shop!
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A: Sometimes drop items do not have a matched price in shops. This makes them "unknown" for the merchants who are not willing to pay you any gold in order to buy those items from you

B: I am a free user but I have received an emblem weapon after completing a daily task. Please, fix this!
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A: Daily tasks will give you token or emblem weapons in rare occasions. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have to pay in tokens.
If you want to equip the emblem weapon then you should obviously buy an emblem! Emblem drops are a sort of in-game emblem advertisement. Remember that if you buy an emblem to equip your emblem weapon it's like you have already saved 100 tokens or so ;)

DO NOT Forget to read the Reporting Guide before Reporting anything

Thank you for your time reading this post ;)
Have a nice time in Game/Forums,