This forum needs to be closed.

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This forum needs to be closed.

Postby esfl-sting » Sun May 07, 2017 9:16 am

I believe this forum should be closed and have very good reasons for that.

- Its saying its an official Forum from Ninja Saga.

Thing is there is nothing official about this if the devs or any from the team structure is here to tell about Ninja Saga or its development.

Another thing is that this forum is also not longer announced with in theyre email sending like here:

Best regards,
Ninja Saga Support Team
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- Official Support

No offence towards anyone who are willing to help here.
But there is no support from here.
The forum can not backup the support that people needs or asking for.

- Dead space

This forum is pretty much a dead space on the internet.
This is all the doing of the inactive duties from the admins, moderators and what ever other jobs are here.
Again no offence to the single 1 who is still left here.

- Facebook, Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the main sources for Ninja Saga but there is no support from them.
They have taken the selfish road by only publishing and no backup informations from gameres or advices.
If you have a suggestion you can report is where you can do bug reports but so far they dont do anything with this.
So its just a waste of your time to report things. What comes to this forum that it all started here for the many requests that they got from the past. They couldnt handle it now they run away and went into isolation.

All with all a very very good reason to close this forum.
So maybe the only moderator out here should make this report to them that they can close this forum.
Thank you!
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Re: This forum needs to be closed.

Postby eonstratus » Mon May 08, 2017 10:01 am

Someone is still paying to keep the site running so its not 100% forgotten, also i hear the team fixed the facebook connect glitch that was maybe 4-5 years long problem. They also added bot spam protection (captcha) which was another big problem now fixed, everything else I agree, either make a new Offical site or invest in the forum with more staff and announcements and support team. And Maybe advertise the forum on the facebook like before? People resort to making their own forum because this place feels forgotten.
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