Why the hell does anyone still play this game?

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Why the hell does anyone still play this game?

Postby naruske » Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:57 pm

I know the forums are dead and everything, but if anyone bothers to come in once and awhile and check in, I'm just wondering what is your appeal to Ninja Saga these days. I really feel like Ninja Saga is just like any other game. A game that starts out good (even if it caters to paid users more) which free users can enjoy and combat paid users sometime, untillater into the game where it gets harder to stay relevant or keep up. In terms of pvp that is. But the events are similar in a way as well. I remember free events everyone can participate in or helped you grow. Man one event I can't forget was that one lv up mission each day. Helped me so much. :lol: Of course I haven't played this game in such a long time, but surely they have some new events going on. Do you feel like it caters to all or it is unreasonable and just a reason to make you spin more? Like the lottery where they say you have a chance to win, but you don't... no matter how much money you spend. You know, maybe rigged or excessive bad luck. There are people who drop loads of cash on this game. How do you feel and do you think as a loyal game, this game treated you wrong or gave you unsatisfactory emotions from playing it? Did you lose your passion? Just wondering for anyone still around here. Why do you still play if you do. :ugeek:
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Re: Why the hell does anyone still play this game?

Postby eonstratus » Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:40 am

Man I remember how great this game was 3 or 4 years ago, but then slowly everything becomed more and more concentrated around token burning and in-app purchases. Special event jutsus used to cost like 800-600 tokens or some times be free. Now every new limited time jutsu cost like 2k tokens minimum and double/tripple for free users. Even "free" events like holidays almost force to pay up if you want all the prizes.

Every holiday event now has "hearts" or some other type of battle point system that limits how much you can play. Then they make every prize cost a large amount of random materials from 6 or 8 different monsters that are not even garunteed to drop. on top of that points refill intentionally very slowly (like once per 45min) or not at all. You usually have to pay tokens to keep playing or wait like 24hrs. If your lucky might be able to get 2 prizes in under 30 days before the event closes.

I dont even bother with pvp anymore, I stopped trying back when I was in the level 40s.
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Re: Why the hell does anyone still play this game?

Postby esfl-sting » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:58 am

I am screaming here for some time allready that this game become very bad.
Tho I am still playing and I wait for the tokens that comes to me.

Ninja Saga has to thanks them selfs for this when I won finaly the ichibi scepter but my weapon inventory was full. They said I never won it after I send them a message. I spend over the 5 years arround a 2500 euro on this game. Well never again that I will do this. I wait when I have enough tokens to buy specificly the items I going to need.
Untill I got my 2500 euro back again by saving tokens.

Ninja Saga wont get any money from me anymore.
Theyre own fault. They destroy theyre own game to something crap.
Good job Ninja Saga.

With the bad coding that they have and the many bugs they create with this they have no idea what they are doing.
They should ask them self why they do this..
People leaving NS more and more each day.
Lets see what will happen in the up comming 5 years.
Because I think this game will die in less then 4 years and they dont do anything for this game.
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