Things that MUST be changed in the game

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Things that MUST be changed in the game

Postby [FM]dElmARk » Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:08 am

Things that MUST be changed in the game

1. Giving options to control recruited friends in battle - it is too obvious that AI in the game is sometimes too dumb and annoying because your stategy is ruined. Instead of saving your friends stun skills because you stunned the enemy already the stupid AI will use stun skill or similar debuff to the enemy leaving the enemy debuff redundancy and having no effect. Note: it's only having an option, implementing this not just on exams makes the game better.

2. Re-recruit last recruited friends button and repeat mission promt (Premium Users) - when you are trying to save time and having too many button to click and repeating it many times in recruiting friends and going to mission will get you annoyed and discouraged. I have been playing this game since alpha phase and I think this is a revolutionary suggestion that will change the game for the better and might encourage free users to upgrade to premium. Note: it saves us a lot of time which means it will make the game better.

3. Adding effects on token items in shop - there are lot of token items that can be seen on the shop (Weapons / Back items / Sets). You might think that t buying token items that are expensive but with no effect is a waste. Yeah that makes the game sucks. There are bunch of useless token items in the shop that must be changed to make the game better.Note: Why have expensive useless token items? Make it worth it, it will make the game better.

4. Ninja bank/house (Premium) - this one is also needed to be added on the game. This will let premium users to transfer items/gold/pet and other resources between their characters. Why is it needed? If you won a redundant item/weapon/pet etc. or you wont need anymore because you already have it or you got something better, this will give you a chance to transfer it to your other character making it useful.Note:adding this feature makes the game better for premium users and encourages free users to upgrade.

5. Selling token items/weapon/sets for tokens - this one needs to be implemented. If you bought token item you and you don't need it anymore, you might want to sell it and get a token refund to help you buy something usefull. Rate will be 25-50% of the original price.

6. Clan rename - i hope this can be implemented if the clan wants a cooler name for a certain amount of tokens. Note: how if the clan decided to have a better clan name? It's too hassle and waste do dismiss a clan, reinvite members and throw up all donated gold and tokens. This will make the game better.

7. Clan resources disemination - it must be implemented to make use of the excess resources. If there is a clan member who needed gold to buy something, then the clan is a perfect solution to get some help. Or if you are having a last day in the clan season and want to earn more reputation, you might want to burn all of your tokens to get stamina, so you might need to get help to your clan in having tokens. Note: Only clan master can manage clan resources, and the clan master can see if you are deserving enough to receive the tokens. This is not just for burning tokens for stamina but can be also a reward for those who are great players. There are so many unused tokens in some clan making it useless because some clan masters requires their member to donate resources that is just stocked but not used because of too much excess.Note: this also gives an option to give back resources to the clan members if the clan will decide to dismiss. This will make the game better.

8. Clan members stamina upgrade - insted of having individual stamina upgrade, make it a clan upgrade giving a default stamina depending on a clan upgrade. It must be done by clan master and the rate of the stamina upgrade is the price for an individual times 250(maximum members) [250*500=125000 tokens] =150 Stamina, [250*1000=250000 tokens or lower]=200 Stamina. Note: this will make the game better. It will make clan members more cooperative and responsible.

9. Fix bugs instead of adding buggy features - this game is to buggy, it sometimes even crashes my flash plugin after going in a live pvp battle. There are also back items that doesn't give right attributes because of the bug. Like with the angel wings, only few players have it because it is a limited item. But when I solo battled a boss having a 300+ normal damage I am just receiving about 2 digits of damage (below 30) its like having a 90% damage reduction right? It's awesome bug! But wait, the boss heals about 4% hp every turn. Haha, that sucks. So please fix the game.

10. Lowering the rate of getting consolation prices and item redundancy - In token lucky draws please lower the rate of consolation price. The dragon gacha is a good example. Players just hate it when spending tokens and just receiving 90% consolation price. And please don't reward an already owned pet/weapon/set. It will just turn to be useless unless 4. Ninja bank/house (Premium) is implemented.

11. Character Birthday Reward - this is possible if the date of the character creation is saved on the database. I believe that every player must be pampered. Thus, giving importance to players since they support the game.

12. Forum Integration - it's been a while since this game's forum is so lively. Trust me it will ensure the game's life for the next 5 years. It's up to the developers to think what's good for the game. But seriously, having a forum event with the players joining it will feel that they are really part of the game community.

13. Premium Users Bonus - Changing +30% Exp Bonus for every battle / missions to instant fill 30% EXP gauge per day for level 80+. It is really hard to manage 6 characters to level up so please make it easy for us. We also need time to make a living and not just wasting it all in playing.

14. Daily token reward - not only the premium users must enjoy this, but also those free users who are really dedicated to the game. Like giving them 1 token per day is little encouraging.

15. Exp, Gold and token incentive to recuits - every recruited character deserves some incentives everytime they are brought into a mission/battle. Like they will receive 5% of the total exp of the mission/battle and 25% of token if a lower level character recruited your character.Note: this will make the game better by having more social encouragement to users to tell their friend to recruit their character.

16. Including recruited friends pets option - pets are big help. Don't deny it. Many players will thank you if you will add this feature.

17. Having a stand alone system than being dependent on social networks - this is not only on login system, but i think if they can successfully implement this they must have independent list of friends to recruit / battle.

18. Simplicity is beauty - if this game will be simple like before it will be addictive and fun. But everything changed and players left. Now they are giving 2 friendship kunai for every veteran ninjas that will be invited to play again this game. Come on, you already done useless and buggy stuffs that makes the game suck. It's too late when you didn't listen to us!

19. Game story recap - this helps the user see the overall story of the game.

20. Back to character selection page (Premium) - it is annoying to refresh the whole page just to change character, so please add a back to character selection button.

21. Attack this clan again button - actually not all players have a fast computer, since this game is too laggy because you already added too many features it will take time to load when accessing different panel. Having this feature saves a lot of time because you will only click the attack this clan again button and selecting if it will be automatic or manual battle instead of clicking clan battle to clan selection panel and search the clan then recruit clanmate then choose battle type.

I want to quote this. Most players are wanting those listed above, if you will implement all of those then this game might survive for the next five years. Remember that better games are out there that makes us more satisfied, gives more fun and excitement. If you will not listen again then you're not worth of our time and money. I hope the developers will think and do something about this, if they can't then I can say that we're all done here.
This sucks :(
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Re: Things that MUST be changed in the game

Postby Uchiha Shisui » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:06 am

Great suggestions dude, i think the game put some "special shop" or something, for buy things/pets/jutsus olds, i want be buy the bijuus and those beasts...they can not found on the game, and...i really want have them...another users want another things old on the game, and that would be a great upgrade...
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Re: Things that MUST be changed in the game

Postby alexabbie0827 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:20 pm

I love the idea about the clan resources. It would be awesome. I talk to my friends and with the weapons and back items, we always say i wish i had that. and if i could give it to you i would. so having a clan vault where any member gives items, gold, tokens, and pets and any member can take anything that was donated, would be amazing.

same thing with the pets when you recruit friends. and if your friend is on then they should be able to control their actions if you recruited them.
Also there should be someway that you can battle friends pvp if they are on
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