Long NPC battles

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Long NPC battles

Postby alexabbie0827 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:29 pm

Why are some of the battles soooo long? right now i am playing the Halloween battle with mr. pumpkin, darkness soul, etc.
I have been on this for 1 hour and thirty minutes now and on my current battle, my second one has lasted 1 hour.
Now this has been occurring a lot lately to me and my friends. its not uncommon for one of our missions to last about 15 minutes. why does this always happen. quite often i have to leave in the middle of a mission that i expected to take 10-15 that actually takes 35-45 minutes. i dont know if its because i have "bad" gear equipped or if its not me and these battles are ridiculously long. its just really annoying. just quit after 2 hours
Anyone else have this problem?
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Re: Long NPC battles

Postby [FM]dElmARk » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:31 am

that's also one reason why players quit. It's not fun anymore because it's a waste of too much time. Do you want it to become easy? spend more tokens :D that's what they want you to do so they will earn more money.
This sucks :(
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Re: Long NPC battles

Postby eonstratus » Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:18 am

Its because many new bosses have enhanced purification and healing abilities and locks. Which drags out the battle significantly. example, you use hell-fire the first turn then boom "purify", its all gone. You try to stun the boss with water prsion...boom they purify, they stun you back, and activate a healing skill. The boss is back good as new.

Its no big surprise that the battle turtle is the hardest boss monster to fight. Now every new boss is becoming a "mini battle turtle". Its very hard to kill them with just element damage alone and they have many restriction skills to lock them (must bring a mix of gen and taijutsu.) If you dont have a full team of ninja with good burning kinjustu, a purify reduction jutsu (bunny girl illusion), a burn/poison pet, and a good burning/poison weapon It takes a very long time to kill them. The best thing to do is to just at least go with a full team for more damage,
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Re: Long NPC battles

Postby arijanm » Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:37 pm

The devs made a really asinine decision which they are not aware of. Now we don't need damaging jutsus anymore, because every enemy, even in the missions has too much HP, which forces you to use many burning and HP draining jutsus.

They need to get their HP low to about 5-10k HP so you can use damage jutsus to kill them, It takes too much time to burn everyone down + they purify a lot.


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