Pet Combination?

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Pet Combination?

Postby dXenon » Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:12 am

Hi, I just got addicted again in this game, I stopped 3 years ago..

I noticed a lot of changes especially the PET COMBINATION..

How to use this system? My pets are not allowed, does it have a level limit? I got one lvl. 49 pet.. and i'm lvl. 54 now

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Re: Pet Combination?

Postby arijanm » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:48 pm

dXenon wrote:Hi, I just got addicted again in this game, I stopped 3 years ago..

Same with me, but now I can control myself haha

Anyway, you can only fuse/combine dragon pets, click on the hunting house and you will se the new dragon thing on the bottom, you need to collect dragon balls in order to fight the dragons.

Now, when you get all 7 dragon balls for a certain dragon, you fight it and you have to seal it on a certain percentage of HP, like from 7-17%. You can also get the pet from the Gacha thing.

After getting your pet, of course you need at least 2 to fuse them, you need to feed them with MP, they need to be at least level 20 before fusing, I suggest doing the highest level A mission since it directly makes the pet level 20 after 1 of it.

Combining pets can fail, of course, i hate that because it's a waste of gold and you sure as hell don't have infinite food for MP. It can fail, and sometimes if you fuse 2 level 2 pets you get another level 2 pet instead of a level 3 one, you need to be really lucky for this to work, i wasted more than 1000 tokens and more than a million gold and i regret it, never got anything useful.

Good luck bro!
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