PvE Balance and Dumb AI

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PvE Balance and Dumb AI

Postby Arberian » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:04 am

PvE Balance:
As you may notice some talents are really useless against strong enemy NPC's. While Deadly Performance , Dark EyE and Mirror Eye can use every ability for one purpose against NPC's, Dark Eye cant. The solution ?! Well i have an idea: How about making NPCs to use real CP in order to cast spells, so that Needle Barrage will have an effect on them?!

Dumb Artificial Intelligence:
Have you ever seen the friend you recruited use Refresh at 80% HP ?! Yes.
Have you ever seen a friend you recruited use Acupuncture:Meridian Anesthesia at 75% HP ?! Yes.
Have you ever seen a friend you recruited use Tenson Omi Gongen when no one is wounded?! Yes.

My answer to this: Is a DUMB artificial intelligence and has been so for many **** years and no one has fixed it. I require immediate attention from NS developers to fix a problem that has been there for many years. Technology goes forward and Artificial Intelligence goes forward. Please fix these **** problems.
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Re: PvE Balance and Dumb AI

Postby Oskaras » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:09 am

I use eom ,but i agree.
When i used to have the darkeye it was so suckish i couldnt even and the only normal jutsu was the regen, it got better now when they changed that 1 skill.

About the NPC, they should use chakra -.- and recharge it.What logic is to it that they have jutsus that dont cost mana ;v
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