How will level 100 PvP be balanced?

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Re: How will level 100 PvP be balanced?

Postby Aerialace » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:32 pm

It is really unbalance.. Please do something about this devs ASAP.. Its more than a year you said that you are going some adjustment in stats but nothing still happened.. Their are also many over-powered skills that you sold in large amount of tokens.. Ninja saga today is far different from previous years of the game.. Ninja saga today is all about money.. Those who cant buy tokens are weak.. You made weak jutsu, back items and weapons that everyone can get.. But strong items can be bought or obtained using thousands of tokens only.. Hoo cant be dodge even a pure wind in Evasion VI status at the same time it has low cooldown and reduce targets cp.. Normally this kind of jutsu that has strong effect has high cooldown some has 50cooldown to prevent from frequent use but it has only ten.. Aside from this, there are many more overpowered jutsu that you made especially clan rewards.. You should think the consequence of the effects in the entire game before you make it.. It is your fault that the game become easier for emblem, clan winners and rich players while free users, no or has weak clan and poor players become like a punching bag in pvp battle..
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