Tutor exam (2-1) tips?

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Tutor exam (2-1) tips?

Postby Oskaras » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:08 am

I dont even know what to say.....the stupidest quest ever.
Maybe someone know some tips :?
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Re: Tutor exam (2-1) tips?

Postby windwolf777 » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:15 pm

Don't focus on the entire silhouette. Instead, focus on just part of it before the slide. For example, just take a look at the position of the hands, feet or head. Try to remember that way. While counting down, use your phone's camera in order to get a shot of the cards before the slide. Also, remember, just because you miss one, you must not get flustered and give up on that one. Or else instead of losing 1 heart, you lose 2
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Re: Tutor exam (2-1) tips?

Postby Shuno_Makura » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:52 am

I didn't even think of that phone one that wolf gave an example of lol. That's a pretty good tip. :) Anyways, I shared one in a thread similiar to this and I'll just quote what I said:

"2-1 was hard, but only because you weren't properly explained the function of it. I thought right when I got the card wrong it would stop and take out just one heart, but it still counts down and when it reaches 0 and you didn't pick a card by then you lose another. So essentially you get confused on how you lost those two and it starts up another round right away causing a confusion status that ultimately make you fail. :geek:

Anyways after experimenting a little and getting used to it I tried for my other chars and if I didn't beat it the first time around I'd beat it the second time around (no tokens needed).

Here's a little tip if you want to try and pass it for your other chars that I haven't seen posted on thread.

1) Put your quality on BEST
2) Don't have both Paint and your browser up at same time

What #1 does is sort of "lags" the game (if you're usually having to play on LOW/medium quality for everything to not lag) so the images are also more clearer and you get a more of a time frame (not much time but it helps enough to notice a difference) to see what the pose is, especially the 360's.

What #2 does is instead of having them both on the same screen at same time is that the timer slows down. You know how you're doing a mission or fighting a world boss like Yanki and you move to another tab thinking that your recruits (if you have any) will be done by the time you get back? Well most of the time they don't and I'm not sure why the reason is, but you can apply same thing here with the timer. When you go to Paint application you're definitely looking for at least a second and the clicking takes a second as well (switching between windows), but still for the 5 second ones (1-3 stages) you can actually click back on the card in less than a second. Hopefully that made sense.

So yeah just don't put it on LOW quality, the cards move way too fast, imo, but still passable and I'm not sure yet if the timer is faster in LOW when you switch inbetween.

If you have a laptop/computer it's best if you have a mouse as it will help A LOT. If you're doing this with just a mousepad then I feel bad as it's a lot harder that way. You want one hand on the mouse and get it ready to switch to Paint (but don't have it hover over the icon because a small windows of paint will appear and block the cards) while having the other hand have one finger on the PRNTSCR button. Before it counts down and shows you the card press the PRNTSCR button and then use the mouse to open up paint. After pressing PRNTSCR you should paste with CTRL + V while you're switching to Paint. Then right away after the Image appears you will most likely have to move the image so you can see the cards being revealed so do it as fast as you can. Then right after that's done go back to NS to see what the pose they show you is. After that pose is gone click back to Paint to find the pose's location and voila. o:"
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Re: Tutor exam (2-1) tips?

Postby deatheater2000 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:56 pm

just right click on ns screen, and time will freeze. Memorize the image and click anywhere else to resume.
This trick works best for time based stages like the one you need help in!
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