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Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby esfl-sting » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:26 pm

Ok can someone tell me what happend with Ninja Saga?
I know about the whole thing started from January with the flas players stuff so no need to bring that up.
I would like to know what happend with Ninja Saga Unity port?

Is still going to be true or was it a one huge lie?
If you ask me the game takes to long to be ported over towards Unity.
So I hope someone can come with *** about this,
There was totaly no news been found.
So what happend??
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby MoGaY » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:42 am

IMO NS will never make it thru Unity version. Reason? I just visited this forum today and notice that 76 days ago this website certificate has been expired, means NS devs is not care about NS future. What's i have learnt that NS Unity version will be available thru but see devs is not extend the certificate period (even clan/crew ranking is dead), actually i had deleted all my fb accounts which have NS accounts on them (i registered to NS membership before my fb deletion). Other reason yup NS devs also don't update anything thru their official facebook fanspage (up to i write this comment here). I truly love this game but in my other side of my heart i doubt NS will make it thru Unity version. So my advice is just let go your NS accounts and this is my best decision to just let NS die and beside it i can leave fb for life! (The only reason i used fb is there's NS account on it, now NS won't coming back IMO!)
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby esfl-sting » Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:07 pm

Yeah love the story.
But this forum has been dead for a very long time same with the website.
SSL Certificate is so easly been renewed what they might do later on.
Or as many expected non of this will come back up.

But would love to hear from a real admin of this ninja saga game.
Or even better a dev who can open his mouth for once.

People are waiting for this try to find out what is really going on.
There are loads of people spending money on this as well.
Or do we really need to ask our money back from the last 3 a 4 months of the year 2020??
Since it was all a ruse and false information?
I bet there might be a rule that it is forbidden to do something like that in the first place.

But I am wondering now how long it still going to take to put this on unity?
If they just started yeah then we can wait the rest of the year for an release.
And if it goes with the same speed as the lately development then we can wait another 2 years.

Sage mode was not even completed. So yeah I believe that more will come.
But the huge question is when?
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby MoGaY » Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:06 pm

Thank you!

Well before doing harder thing why don't start from the easiest thing which renew and reborn this forum website? If they don't do the easiest thing then NS devs actually don't care about the game itself!

As you said, NS devs will never show up here. The only way you can talk to them are via e-mail: before my fb deletion NS devs still reply my e-mail, maybe you can hear some words from them thru that e-mail!

Including me, i spent a load $$$ on this game for all for crew, cooperative, and clan also GN skills (many others spent much more than me also i don't followed october-december 2020 top spender event which i know it was a scam from devs). Refund won't be happened, devs are too sensitive about money (because of money problem they always deducted clan which use illegal way to purchase official saga token), so don't take your hope high there will be a refund, it won't gonna happen.

Tbh, i will give you an example. Do you know Limbo game? It was created 2010 by Playdead developers in Unity platform, then that devs made a new similar game like Limbo called "Inside". Inside still built in Unity platform but it took about 5 years after Limbo released, Inside was released in 2015. Do you get what i mean? Re-building a game in a brand new platform require much money and time. I bet the main problem that NS devs have is time and not money. October-December 2020 top spender event gave NS devs chance to grab as much as money from NS players who want to spend to this dead game, but time can't be bought by anyone. The fastest NS unity will appear at least 2 years and can be more than 5 years from now (let's say the fastest year is 2023 and much worse we still can't see NS unity up to 2026 or even longer) the main mistake that NS devs did is NS devs don't take action since beginning Adobe announced that Flash support will be discontinued by first day of 2021 and Adobe already announced this few years before 2021 (even Safari browser already killed flash support long time ago due security reason). If NS devs took action since the beginning Adobe announced this maybe this year NS Unity can be lived by now! But see? NS devs took action when NS flash version completely dead!

Yup there are 3 slots senjutsu skills which missing from both toad and snake sage mode. Including 8 senjutsu skills can only be equipped if our Ninja level is 120 (level 100 only can equip 6 senjutsu skills) so there's still hope about level 100 exam, however at this rate i have burried all my hope, there's no intention that NS devs to continue this game even it was still in flash version. NS devs have much time if they want to release both 3 senjutsu skills missing including level 100 exam, but see? They even can't catch up with clan/crew/cooperative rewards release time. They can stop all those competition but they keep opening them because what NS devs care is all about money, not players satisfaction.

My last thought, i bet NS devs still developing a game based on Unity platform, however if something goes wrong or they don't have any intention to continue moving all NS data to unity platform, NS devs can easily release "another game" which made in Unity platform. Only god knows what they are trying to do now, and don't forget ask something thru that e-mail and i hope that e-mail can answer your problem!

Have a nice day!
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby esfl-sting » Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:55 pm

Well that they don't care that is nothing new.
If they did they would be here for all of us.

As for porting a game over to Unity yeah that takes time.
One of my reasons I haven't given up.
But this depends one one big matter tho.
When did they start the porting version?
If it is Januari or even worse Feb. then it will take loads of time.
Basically they only need to program it but I have my feelings that they want to go 1 step further.
Making the game to Ultra HD. This means all the materials needs to be redone with a higher resolution.

I am a game dev my self for a small seed company Core-Bytes Interactive.
So I know exactly how long this can take.
I don't think this developers team is very big eighter. I think a max of 4 a 5 people working on NS.
They lack on people for working on a big scale project.
Never the less keep in contact with the people.

As like you said if the events where a scam then they can be reported and they only would have bigger problems according to the law. Normaly free games can be avoided with those kind of laws since its a free game. But this game is not totaly free since it has an advanced micro-paying system. Even then they could get avoided by those laws if the game was still playable. But we all know this is not the case. What means this type of scam is a pirated form of stealing what you don't get.

I don't think they will do that since it will cost them loads of money.
The game is not that big that they can affort it. So they will be carefull as well.
What means my hope is still with them but would be nice if they give more information.
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby MoGaY » Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:12 am

Ohh great if now i talk with a game developer! Totally i am just game player and i don't understand how developing a game, i only can talk from player perspective.

Then i have a question to you from player to a game developer like you. if your current project still in very early stage, will you publish it to the public? I am not a game developer but i already know the answer will be no. Playdead's 3rd game is also in early stage even they are trying to hiring some good game developers, maybe you can join up there or good luck with your current project! However playdead is still nice they gave us some screenshots which players to wait a bit longer including to please players' curiousity, but up to now Emagist as NS devs is not doing the same like playdead so there's no need to wait any official info from Emagist, as i believe deep in my heart Emagist is actually making another game based on Unity and absolutely for mobile platform (Android/iOS).

If you truly want your money back good luck with that, also since you are also a game developer, if most of your players ask their money back, will you grant their wish? Me as from a player perspective most game developers will just run away or maybe in my mind if Emagist is able to refund they can only give $20/less for each account who registered as NS membership, but i hope you are a different game devs with your team, instead ask our money back from Emagist why don't you ask your player fanbase what actually they want from your games? Listen from them!

But let's we be positive, whatever i just write here can be right or can be wrong, i am just a game player, i want my char back and not my money, i already spent my money because i loved this game however i love the wrong game, but thanks because of flash's death i can leave fb for life! Also i had answered you from my perspective that actually Emagist is starting create NS unity since January 2021, but you can say since Emagist first deploy NS membership to register (about October 2020 CMIIW), whichever is right still need about 2 years or more to develop a game from a brand new platform and i know you know far than me as a game developer! I bet there will be no update news or words from Emagist! Except asking from e-mail that only lead something empty hope (that's why i don't have any interest to ask devs from e-mail).

Good luck with your game! Have a nice day!
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby esfl-sting » Tue Apr 13, 2021 3:36 pm

Well to see on your reaction you didn't get my point.
First of all you never get all your money back in the first place.
Second its only the money that was spend on the so called scam.
So basically its only from the last 2 months.

I also prefer my characters back since the game had some nice elements in it.
But if players really see this as a scam then they can ask this money back from the scam. Still it will be difficult... you need to proof it if it was a scam in the first place.
Second you need to have proof that you contact the developers.
There are still another few steps to go on that.
But if 0 progress has been made or the development team or its crew will not react yeah then it can be seen as a possible scam. But that needs to be find out by the court of law.

I personal don't care much about my money spend on this game tho.
But I seen this before that a scam was setup to get money from them as a account payment for an up coming game.
After 5 and a half year nothing was seen or reported. After that the court of law made a judgement that the owner of the game had to pay back. Everyone from what I know got there money back.
Luckly for this development team they made a restart and bring out a nice game under a new name.

For our team we are just on the way making a new game as well.
Something similar to ninja saga in a mix with some other games.
It will be a RPG game with a huge story line.
We got some nice reactions from some people who are professionals for writing movies.
Since I loved this game so much we going to add some similar features to the game.
But will take loads of time to make this.

What comes to your first question.
Ninja Saga is not a new game and a port to another engine is NOT a new game.
Since they showed stuff already its not professional from there side to say nothing at all.
When people start a whole new base concept game like we do then yeah they keep it quiet untill you going to show something. This happends everywhere. But Ninja Saga is a 10+ year development.
I hope you understand my point.
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Re: Ninja Saga (UNITY)

Postby MoGaY » Tue Apr 13, 2021 6:40 pm

About "scam" thing it's just my personal POV. Everybody can tell it's whether scam or not, but for me yup it was a scam that's why i didn't follow Top Spender event, everybody including you can decide if needed to join that event or not, personally i chose not.

About who can proof "it", it was a scam or not? It's definitely not me, i don't have that time just to spam devs to make them come on to proof how does the "NS Unity" is. Many other SNC/JG/Elysium/NBTF clan master / admins maybe can do such a thing, but personally i don't have any interest to investigate about it. Maybe there's someone out there can make a report and bring this to court of law, i don't understand about all of this.

Great if we want our char back, if i truly want money i can sell my all accounts before 2020 or so, but i didn't want to do that because i still believe NS will make it to NS unity version. Money is not the issue for me, but if other players thing NS won't make it and top spender event was a scam than you need ask someone who really joined that event and make him/her believe that top spender event was a scam. I don't think NS was a scam because before flash's death i already received all my pending rewards including my clan, crew, and cooperative also GN skills. I enjoyed them on PvP, i don't feel being scam because i am not kind of person who just put their char 24 hours per day to a bot, i enjoy my chars every single day back then. Yup i admit NS devs delayed rewards so many time, but in the end i can say i enjoyed all my pending rewards. So i don't lost anything or feeling be scammed by devs. Different story if i still played Cooperative/crew then so many pending rewards before end of 2020, its cooperative/crew players mistakes, flash will be dead by january 2021 and they keep still wasting their money in the end of 2020, including all those players who spent on top spender event.

So my advice, please ask your Ninja friends in Ninja Saga New Legends or other fb group who still had pending rewards from clan/crew/cooperative, i personally don't have any "important" pending rewards left, and personally i don't feel being scammed. The first place i said top spender event was a scam because it's about 3 months or less that NS can't be accessed anymore, also there are so many "pride" NS players who just keep spending their money to make their chars able to be a top spender of the month, these are the ones you need to ask and make an argument that NS last event was a scam then bring to the court of law, and not to me.

Yes, i know they are trying to move all NS data to unity platform. But everything can goes wrong, who knows their team will make a brand new game instead. I am ready for the worst option. Also i had move to Steam/Epic to play games, i am making myself ready if NS will never come from Unity platform (including deleting my fb account).

Intermezzo: i salute NS. There are 3 games which i know that copied/inspired by NS: Tal Wars, Ninja Throne (Now Ninja Online), also Shinobi Warfare. No matter whoever make them, i won't play these 3 games! I know NS copied too many elements from various sources (NS itself was a copycat Naruto), but still NS can still motivated fresh game developers to develop a game even just a copycat of NS. Good luck with your game. Ahh i just remembered Zun who developed Touhou also didn't care about its community to make many many games based on Touhou project, so i very salute to NS which can born those great new games based on NS! This is the sign that NS community is still alive although not so wide as Touhou community.

Back to your main topic, i don't feel being scammed, maybe you can ask other NS players who feel top spender event or last clan/crew/cooperative pending rewards was scammed, but once again to answer your question, i personally don't feel being scammed, including of how no so profesional from NS side that don't publish NS progress to unity platform. Even if there is petition to Emagist or what so over, i won't sign it, the reason is simple i don't feeling be scammed and i enjoyed playing in Steam / Epic at the moment. I truly already forgot how much i had spent in this game, but i truly enjoyed NS, however i won't trapped in the same hole. I believe if i played Ninja Online or Shinobi Warfare i will just wasting my time and money, but Epic is nice enough every week i got free games, some are boring some are great, but still this is better option instead hoping NS giving back my money or play copycat of NS games, no offense this is just my POV and IMO, i hope your community is bigger than NS community, good luck!
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