Ninja Saga Forum Moderator Recruitment

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Ninja Saga Forum Moderator Recruitment

Postby admin » Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:15 am

Ninja Saga Forum Moderator Recruitment

Good news every Ninja! We're recruiting moderators for the forums! The amount of users and posts keeps increasing and we reached the point where we need some help to assist Kage.

The forum traffic keeps increasing every year, and we'd like to thank all the users contributing to our wonderful, friendly, and joyful community.

Read this if you plan to apply

- Please please please, do not apply if you are just super bored at the end of January before you go back to school/work. Certainly, we are not asking for a life-time commitment, but more than 3 months would be very nice.
- Do not apply if you only want to wave your banhammer at random people. Moderators are expected to post on the forums they moderate regularly, contribute, keep the sticky posts clean and updated, etc.....
- You will be expected to communicate with the rest of the NS players actively. This is very important, you are getting promoted because you want to help the rest of the NS players.
- If you apply to moderate Strategy and Advice forum, you will be expected to know how to be a Ninja in very advance level.

“I can do that!” What do you need from me?

- Better to have 1000 posts (positive attitude is preferred) and at least 12 months player's age
- Ability to effectively communicate information and report statistics
- Team Player (MUST), details focused and reliable
- A reasonable amount of free time, not too much but adequate
- Basic knowledge & understanding of Forum moderation
- Basic knowledge of online legal issues & work under pressure (if any)

What is my duties?

(For full & mini moderators )
- Moderate posts and discussion
- Report important issues of the forum immediately
- Participate in player moderators report with Kage
- Remove advertisement and spam
- Edit, lock and merge threads
(For full moderators only)
- Report users who violate the ToS
- Create threads with useful information
- Ban spammers and users who violate the ToS
- Turn useful threads into sticky

How do I apply?

- Send your application in written format to starting from now to Dec 14 (23:59 server time)
- In your application, please include the following information: Forum Name, Facebook link, player's age, self-introduction (100 words), reason (100 words), preferred Sub-Forum or post, other useful info.
- You will get a response from our Kage if you are accepted or refused within 2 weeks. If you are accepted, more instruction will follow, and honor.

Important Note

- You are welcome to apply more than one sub-forum which is subject to its availability.
- Mini moderator is responsible for sub-forum and full moderator is for the whole forum.
- You have about 1 week for consideration, don’t rush your application and make sure you are serious to be a moderator.
- Past infractions won’t block you from applying or being a moderator if they’re small infractions. Apparently, if you did something improper or shifty your chances to be a moderator will be greatly lowered.
- For inquiries, please email to

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Re: Ninja Saga Forum Moderator Recruitment

Postby Black Fang » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:09 am

I'm locking this now to avoid bots posting in here. I will make sure it stays on page 1 so everyone has a fair chance of applying.

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