Quick Posting Guide - How To Use Clan Board

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Quick Posting Guide - How To Use Clan Board

Postby sasha » Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:48 am

1. Clan masters are allowed to make only one recruitment thread per clan season. Whenever you have some updates, like new level requirements or something else, you can simply edit you head post, thread title, etc.
- DO NOT make multiple recruitment threads for your clan
This is the only board meant for clan recruitment.
- DO NOT make threads in other boards to recruit people in your clan
You can find some recruits in Free Agents thread, people that want to be picked up by some clan post there.
When you make a thread to recruit people in your clan, name the thread after your clan, don't write things like "Join my clan", and similar, it will make browsing the board much easier.

2. People interested in joining a clan, but do not want to browse through all threads and search for a specific clan, can apply in Free Agents thread.
- DO NOT make separate threads for that purpose.

3. If you want to join some specific clan, just make one post in their recruitment thread and wait to be accepted.
- DO NOT make multiple posts.
- DO NOT message clan members asking for special audience
- DO NOT make threads asking the clan to invite you

4. If you want to report a cheating clan use the thread located in Customer Services and Technical Support board, The cheater reports. Be sure to provide valid evidence.

5. For any discussion related to clans, you can use General Discussion board.

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Shuno_Makura wrote:6. If a thread is inactive for 1 month, I will put it in the recycle bin (place to store inactive/spam threads) unless you can tell me why it's inactive and wish to keep it there.

7. I will also put it in the recycle bin if it's spammy (bots, ect)
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