Payment Methods (info-instructions)

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Payment Methods (info-instructions)

Postby Jinchuuriki » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:28 pm



Tokens: Some Countries Only*
Emblem:Some Countries Only*

How to pay with PayMo:
  • Go to
  • Select Tokens amount (2200 maximum)/Emblem and select Payo
  • Select your country, and mobile network, fill your phone number
  • Wait for a payment Confirmation request message
  • Reply according to the instructions to confirm the payment.
No need for bank accounts or credit cards. No need for financial or personal data.

The reason that some countries cannot buy an emblem through PayMo is because of the policies of their
country about mobile phone purchases.

In some countries, the limit is lower than $20, therefore, paymo automatically does not appear in their payment methods for emblem use. If it is a country policy there is little that NS can do about it.



Tokens: Everywhere

  • Requirements: Credit/Debit Card or Prepaid Card
  • Card Compatibility:
    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • Diner's Club and EnRoute
How to pay with Pay Pal
Important: Paypal works only through facebook credits. If you have disable payment on your facebook account, you want be able to buy tokens/emblem via paypal.


Ultimate Game Card

Tokens: Wherever an UGC is available for sale
Emblem:Wherever an UGC is available for sale

How to pay with UGC:
  • Go to
  • Select tokens/emblem and select Ultimate Game Card
  • Enter your PIN(you need to have already bought an UGC), press add to cart and place order In next window.
Where to buy UGC:



Tokens: Wherever an PSC is available for sale
Emblem:Wherever an PSC is available for sale

How to pay with PaySafeCard:

Find nearest PSC store:

How PSC work?


  • Exchange cash for paysafecard at a local sales outlet. Finding one is easy with our sales outlet finder.
  • You'll receive paysafecard as a 16-digit PIN. Available amounts are 10, 25, 50, or $ 100.



Tokens: Everywhere

How to pay with moneybookers:
  • Go to
  • Select Tokens/Emblem and select Moneybookers payment method
  • Log-in to your moneybooker account, and chose how do you want to pay:
    • Pay from balance
    • Debit/Credit card



Tokens: Some country only
Emblem: Some country only

How to use MyCard:

  • Go to
  • Select Tokens/Emblem and select MyCard as payment method
  • Enter MyCard Serial No & Password (you need to have MyCard firs) and submit

MyCard is only available in: Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Philippines,Thailand,Macau and Hong Kong.
You can buy MyCard via: epay, Offgamers, Gogobase, MOL ,Comics Connection, Tenchi,Gudang Voucher i-pay,
Mobius DM,RtbPlus

Token structure in MyCard:



Tokens: USA

How to pay with Rixty:
  • Coinstar - Pay with Cash and Coins
      To get started, just take your coins or bills to a Coinstar machine:
    • Choose “Free Coin Counting” and select Rixty from the list
    • Pour coins or add bills to the machine
    • Get your Rixty eCertificate with your RixtyCode (the PIN number)
    • Redeem your RixtyCode at and spend!
Step By Step:

  • Rixty Prepaid Scratch-Off Card
    • Purchase a Rixty prepaid card at a local store near you
    • Scratch off the area on back to reveal a PIN number (the RixtyCode)
    • Redeem the RixtyCode at or during a purchase inside your game
      Step by Step:

      Rixty prepaid cards come in two types:

      Scratch-off cards with a PIN number underneath scratch-off material on the back, or
      Prepaid "code cards" where users receive a receipt with a PIN number written on it.
      In both cases, the PIN number is called the RixtyCode. To redeem your RixtyCode, i.e. load the value of your card or receipt into your Rixty account, see the instructions for your card type below

      For Rixty prepaid scratch-off cards, follow these steps:


  • Rixty Prepaid Code Card
    Rixty also offers a prepaid code card at select convenience stores. You take this card to the register and choose the amount you’d like to purchase. The cashier will give you a printed receipt with a PIN number, which you simply redeem into your Rixty account.
    • Tell the cashier the value you want to buy: $5, $10 or $20. For Variable Load Cards, you can load any amount $10-$500.
    • Pay and receive a receipt with a PIN number (the RixtyCode)
    • Redeem the RixtyCode at or during a purchase Ninja Saga Tokens/Emblem.

      Step By Step:

      For Rixty prepaid code cards, follow these steps.

      1. Take this printout to the store or find a Rixty prepaid card in the store
      2. Give the printout or card to cashier and ask for a "Rixty prepaid Top-Up"
      3. Pay the cashier ($5, $10 or $20)
      4. You will receive a receipt with a code for each value you purchase
      5. Important: Check to make sure your receipts have the Rixty logo and have a PIN code on them.


      You will also want to show this set of instructions to the Store Employee at the register in case they are not sure about the process.



Cherry Credits:

Tokens: Wherever Cherry Credits are available for sale
Emblem:Wherever Cherry Credits are available for sale

How to pay with Cherry Credits:
  • Create a cherry credits account
  • Buy Cherry Credits equal to the Token/Emblem price (ex. for emblem it's CC660+CC330 cards)
  • Click on Cherry Credits Payment method when you are about to buy tokens/emblem & Log-into your account.
  • Follow the instructions & Confirm the payment.


Western Union:
How to pay with Western Union:
  • Select "Pay By Cash" as your payment method
  • In the next page, select "Western Union" as your payment method and press continue
  • All your information will automatically be pulled from your email *** on the left side of the screen.
    On the right side of the screen you can see what you pay for and how much does it cost.
    Price includes our PayByCash service fee. Other fees may apply.
  • Make sure that this is your real information linked to your FB/NS account (including names, emails, phone numbers, postal codes) - if not then Fill the gaps with your REAL INFORMATION.
    Your IP *** is logged to protect against fraud and will be used to prosecute criminal behavior.
  • Press continue to confirm your information.
Some countries do NOT allow individuals to exchange mail-checks with companies.. hence this payment method will not work for them either.
However, for those who can use Western Union in their country they should know that after the payment they will be told that a confirmation mail will arrive to them in about 1-3 days.
So the emblem will not be automatically applied to your account.. you have to wait for a few days for your payment to be confirmed.

Note: To control your payment condition you will be given an ID from Western Union (it should be in the email they will send you)
You can use it HERE to see the stage of your payment's procedure

IMPORTANT: All payments methods except Western Union will transfer the money to NS (almost) instantly and you will get your account upgraded right away.
~ The reason that Western Union method might give you a noticeable delay in receiving your emblem is because they include 3rd party services which need to create your "account" in their databases and forward the confirmation of your payment.
~ It may take from 5 days to even 3 weeks and it does not depend on NS payment management..

Bank Account Money Transfer
    How to pay with UGC:
  • Select "Pay By Cash" as your payment method
  • Select the proper choice to transfer bank account currency
  • Follow the steps - Fill the information required - Complete the payment.

# EARN TOKENS (general)
  • Complete Free Token Offers
  • Select among one of the listed payment methods to buy the exact token amount you want (from 200 to 30.000)
  • Click on the Banner named "Get Saga Tokens" to use one of the payment methods described above. FB ID HERE)&type=2

# BUY EMBLEM (general)
  • Log In you Facebook Account
  • Go Play Ninja Saga
  • Click on "Upgrade Account" bellow your character (next to "play")
  • Otherwise enter the game - Go to HeadQuarters - Click on "Get Ninja Emblem"

For Pinoy:
    There are 2 ways to buy emblem in phil:
  • create a cherry credits account then find a netopia shop then buy CC660 and CC330 u will get 30000 cherry credits then click get ninja emblem click the cherry credits option log in then follow the instructions then u have ur emblem + tokens
  • find a netopia shop then buy a 1000 UGC card.
    Read the instructions: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=201&hilit=UGC
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Re: Payment Methods (info-instructions)

Postby Jinchuuriki » Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:17 am

Updated with one more very useful and easy payment method through pre-paid cards: Pay Safe Card!
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Re: Payment Methods (info-instructions)

Postby Jole-Kze » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:06 pm

Post updated! 2

MyCard payment method added
Moneybookers payment method added
Rixty payment method added.

Thanks to JimboChen for help.

Feb,09 2012.

NS support form :
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